2011 RRD (Roberto Ricci Designs) Kite Program


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RRD 2011 Kiteboarding Gear Preview

RRD 2011. Photo Courtesy RRD

While many companies seem to be releasing more products marketed as being all-around, RRD is taking a different approach and is offering four kites this year that are each being marketed for a specific purpose.

For 2011, they have also applied that idea to their surfboard line and are offering ten different surfboard shapes that when you count up the different sizes and construction options adds up to 24 different boards. RRD’s US Distributor Evan Mavridoglou answered our questions about the 2011 RRD product line.


What changes have been made to the new Global Bar? What makes the RRD lines different from those from other manufacturers?
The Global Bar V3 comes in one size with two adjustable connection points to accommodate all kite sizes. It features an incorporated safety line which keeps the depower line clean and protected.

Both the depower line and the safety line now run inside a dual chamber tube that hides these two basic lines. No more tangling around, it’s all clean and safe now.

Our exclusive Rigid Flying Lines obtain an unmatched low stretch factor reduced by 85% compared to the classic flying lines. This allows the kite to be faster in turns and allows faster transfer of power to the board resulting in better response and handling.

For 2011, RRD has a surfboard line of 24 boards. Why is RRD making this many different boards?
Since the first kite designed specifically for waves (2002 RRD Type Wave), Roberto Ricci has shown his commitment to riding waves with a kite. After the tremendous success of the Religion, RRD designed an array of surfboards that enables everyone to hit the waves with a kite.

No matter the rider skill level, conditions, wave size, shape, or wind direction, there is an RRD surfboard designed for you. There are ten new shapes in multiple sizes and constructions. This is the most complete line of kitesurfing specific boards specifically designed and built to be ridden with a kite in your hands.

For someone without any surf experience, how will they be able to choose the right board?
Each board has been designed for specific conditions. The Salerosa is an onshore wave-specific board to ride with speed and powerful turns even in choppy waters and mushy waves. The Gitana is a side shore wave and powerful surf specialist board. It’s a blend of easy turning and great control at high speeds that will allow you to use every square inch of the wave face. The Gitana is about heavy turns in the most powerful pockets.

The Magonda is a pro surfer super-compact shape that can be ridden with or without straps. Designed to be ridden in small surf, the Pescado is a great retro-style fish shape to be ridden on thousands of peaks and in lighter winds. The Domingo is the board that you will ride in the lightest winds, when nothing else goes. No matter if you ride in Florida, San Diego, or Texas the Domingo delivers and makes your kitesurfing day possible!

2011 RRD Obsession

It seems that the 2011 RRD kites all have a very specific purpose. Why has RRD taken this approach as opposed to offering kites that satisfy riders of different styles?
Each kiter and location creates a unique combination and there isn’t one kite that can accommodate everything. RRD believes that the needs of a beginner require very different kite characteristics than what a freestyler looks for.

Similarly, a pure wave kite fulfills very different conditions and style than a racing specific kite. With this philosophy in mind, RRD offers four distinct kites that are very good in many conditions but excel in the discipline that they are designed in.

What type of rider is each of the new 2011 RRD kites best suited for?
The Passion is our beginner –intermediate kite. It’s a super easy riding kite and extremely stable. The Obsession is a freestyle kite designed for high jumping, fast turning, powerful kiteloops, and excellent unhooked riding. The Religion is a pure wave riding kite designed for surfers with a bar in their hand. The Addiction is an upwind machine designed to win in course racing competitions.

The 2011 line of RRD kites carry the same product names as the 2010 kites. What are the biggest changes that were made to the kites?
Constant input from our team riders, shops, testers, schools, and kiters in various locations around the globe provides a wealth of information that helps us bring innovation and improvements each year. The Obsession III has been improved in certain areas while the main concepts have remained unchanged.

It’s tough to make your best selling kite even better, and you have to be careful not to over-engineer a product when it has been working so well. The 2011 Obsession III has slightly higher bar pressure and is even more stable while delivering more steady power during kiteloops. We also added 6m and 15m sizes. The Passion III is a completely redesigned kite. It is extremely smooth, easy flying, and tons of fun for all levels including beginners.

The Religion is the fastest turning kite in the RRD line, made specifically for onshore and side onshore wind conditions while riding waves. The Addiction II is a 7-strut kite with improved ease of use and downwind speed and performance. Upwind is still incredible and the 16m is designed to fly in the lightest winds possible.

2011 RRD Addiction

The Addiction is RRD’s racing kite for 2011. Will this kite appeal to riders outside of racing?
The Addiction is a fun kite to fly even if you are not a top racer. For 2011 the Addiction has become easier to use, faster turning, and is geared towards anyone who wants to shoot upwind way further than anyone else.