2011 Nobile Kiteboarding Line


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Nobile 2011 Kiteboarding Gear Preview

Nobile redesigned all the canopies on their next generation 2011 kites to improve their speed, power, relaunch, and stability. Photo Maurice Zarka

Nobile says that their 2011 collection is all about freedom of choice and discovering new aspects of the sport we love so much. For 2011, Nobile will offer three next-generation kites and focused their R&D on retuning each of their canopies to offer faster turning, more power, and stable performance.

All boards offered in 2010 will be continued in 2011 with some minor tweaks as well as the introduction of three new boards, including a directional. We spoke with Lukas Piatkowski of www.muvon.us, Nobile’s North American distributor about what Nobile has in store for us for the new model year.


In 2010, Mark Shinn and Nobile parted ways. How has this affected the brand and who leads the R&D efforts for the kite and board lines?
Mark was a really important part of the company, but his main responsibility was marketing. Although Nobile always listened carefully to Mark’s ideas on boards and technology, it was always Dariusz Rosiak, Founder of Nobile Kiteboarding, who’s been leading R&D and Nobile’s innovation.

Additionally, our team riders really influence the gear we offer such as Mike Blomvall’s 50fifty or Asia Litwin’s NHP WMS.

For 2011, Nobile is introducing an all new control bar. How has the bar improved and is it universal for all the kites?
The major improvement for the 2011 bar is a totally new safety system which helps make Nobile’s bar even safer and easier to use than the last generation.

The new bar will be white and comes in one size for all Nobile kites with complete depower and a super fast fulcrum quick release for maximum safety.

2011 Nobile T5-Koinobori

Nobile has refined the three kites in its line, the NHP, T5 – Koinobori, and N62. Are the refinements minor tweaks or major redesigns?
Nobile focused on redesigning each kite’s canopy, so they are now faster, offer more stability, and generate more power. The N62 V2 is the all-around kite for beginners and intermediate riders — they will love one of the most effective relaunch systems on the planet Earth.

The new N62 features a reduced sweep through the wing tips compared to a traditional delta, ensuring phenomenal low-end performance, massive wind range, and pivotal turning without the indirect, imprecise handling of a traditional delta. This kite delivers “park and ride” ease and excellent sink back (the ability of the kite to drop back into the window) characteristics, ensuring the N62 is forgiving of rider error.

The T5 is the freeride-focused kite for intermediate and advanced riders looking for outstanding power range. Through further development of Nobile’s Natural Arc Technology, they reconfigured the geometry to allow for the complete separation of the front and rear bridle sections without the connecting pulley. The huge wind range, lift, and hang time remain, but with a marked improvement to the low-end power and relaunch capabilities. The T5 features superior direct-feeling control, improved predictability, and perfectly balanced bar pressure while now providing near delta-like relaunch ability. For new school and freestyle enthusiasts, the NHP high performance kite will be a perfect choice.

The new NHP has a fast and direct feeling, axial turning, low bar pressure when unhooked, and instant response to rider input, however Nobile placed increased priority for 2011 on enhancing its huge depower range without affecting its upper range and improving its relaunch ability to be even quicker. Using a short and simple bridle also allowed designers to completely redesign the NHP’s 5-strut construction resulting in a fast flying kite that climbs to the front of the window in all wind conditions — an essential trait for a modern freestyle kite both for smooth power delivery after landing and for completing kite loops without stalling.

Why would a rider who is happy with their 2010 Nobile kites want to upgrade to the 2011 kites?
We believe the 2011 line will open a totally new chapter at Nobile. All models have been redesigned, so they are more stable and have more power. Along with the introduction of the totally new safety system, all our 2011  products are next generation and have been substantially redesigned and improved.

2011 Nobile T5

What can we expect from the 2011 Nobile board line?
All our boards from 2010 will be offered in 2011. The changes are more refinements than major overhauls and the graphics have really been stepped up making what we believe will be the best looking equipment of the upcoming season. Additionally, three totally new models will join our board family for 2011 including a new directional.

The WAVE will come in three sizes and combines a beautiful design with amazing wave performance. Our other two models are: Double HydroDynamic –A high end machine with a one of a kind double-profiled bottom for unlimited speed and extraordinary freeride performance and Flying Carpet – Our XXL board for low wind conditions. Additionally, a wooden skimboard is also a new product in our inventory.

How can consumers choose which board will suit their riding style and conditions best?
The best way to choose the ideal board is to visit the Nobile Gear Selector at www.nobilekiteboarding.com

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