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Analyze This: 2010 Nobile T5
AVAILABLE SIZES: 5, 7,9, 10, 12, 14m
Oceano, CA/ 12-22 knots and medium choppy surf


The Nobile 555 kite range may have a new name, look, and bridle configuration, but the new Nobile T5 retains all of the characteristics that made its predecessor a test winner, whilst improving its versatility and appeal as a high-performance freeride kite. Through further development of Nobile’s Natural Arc Technology, Nobile has reconfigured the SLE geometry to allow for the complete separation of the front and rear bridle sections, removing the connecting pulley.



Out of the Box: The T-5 from Nobile is a clean-looking kite with a few unique features. The first things that jumped out at us were the unique one-pump connections.

The T5 has small rubber tubes that connect rigid plastic pieces on each bladder, unlike any other single-point inflation we have ever seen. The leading edge is very swept back and the bridle is short and compact.

The rear-line connection points are adjustable to tune bar pressure and turning speed. The T5 is a three strut kite and the construction on the leading edge gives the impression that the LE is bulletproof.

The Nobile bar features an above-bar depower, adjustable stopper, push-away quick release, and a very unique harness loop.

The harness loop is made from rigid plastic and is a little on the small side. Be aware that the harness loop separates from the rest of the control system when you activate the quick release, which means it could be lost if you pulled your release without the donkey stick engaged.

On the Water: In the sky, the T5 has light-medium bar pressure and the power comes on very smoothly when you dive the kite.

As you get a gust of wind, you can feel the bar pressure slightly increase, which gives you a good feeling of the amount of power in the kite. The T-5 is a stable kite and it sits back in the window, which makes it not the best performer for getting upwind. Turning is quick once initiated, but there seems to be a slight lag at the beginning of turns.

According to our testers, the T5 was well-behaved and never did anything unexpected. This kite was very easy to relaunch, even in the surf. Unhooked performance was average, not the best, but again, the kite didn’t do anything unexpected and showed itself to be very forgiving.

For a stable freeride kite, the Nobile T5 had surprisingly good jumping performance.


  • The Nobile T5 is simple and easy to deal with making it great as a grab-and-go no-fuss kite without having to worry about figuring things out or adjusting settings.
  • Good all-around performance that will please beginner-intermediate riders.


  • The unique molded plastic harness loop is a little on the small side and takes some getting used to, especially if you like to unhook. We found the donkey stick to be stiff and slightly awkward.
  • The Nobile T5 has a slight lag when initiating turns.


The T5 is a very good all-around kite. It’s stable in the sky, easy to relaunch, and is a kite that most riders will feel immediately comfortable on. The very beefy construction (the T5 has probably the strongest-looking leading edge we’ve ever seen) should be able to stand up to a lot of abuse.

This is a great kite for beginners and riders who want a simple freeride kite that works well without doing anything unexpected. If you are after top jumping and/or upwind performance, you may want to look at the Nobile NHP.


  • Like most modern kites, the Nobile T5 performs better and is easier to relaunch when pumped up hard.
  • Use the stopper to limit the amount of depower so you can keep the bar close and prevent the kite from depowering completely if you let go of the bar momentarily.

Tester Comments:

“The T5 is a great all-around kite that all level riders will immediately feel comfortable on with good low end, wind range, stability, and smooth power delivery,” Marina Chang, 130 lbs., Freestyle/Surf Kiter.

“The Nobile T5 is a great kite for beginner to intermediate riding and boosting and handles decently in the waves. Good bar pressure and response makes it very easy to feel the kite in the air,” Michael Perdone, 175 lbs., Freestyle Kiter.

Consumer Review: Robin Goodlad at
“This is a great first-time kiteboarding kite! Easy to setup! Easy to get going! Big wind range and no real problems with any of the flying sessions…” Read the full review at

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