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Epic 2011 Kiteboarding Gear Preview

For 2011, Epic Kites is continuing the Screamer, Renegade, and Junior Pro lines. Each kite has had small refinements made to it and Epic claims that they were able to improve every kite in the Epic line.

Like in 2010, there will also be a 10m LTD Screamer, which is designed to be an ultra-performance and very powerful kite. The Epic bar is staying much the same, but features new colors and a new center hole to reduce wear.

For those who have children who want to start kiteboarding, the Junior Pro is a kite specially designed for kids. Epic founder Dimitri Maramenides filled us in on what we can expect from Epic for the 2011 model year.


What was some of the rider input on the 2010 gear that you put into the 2011 Epic kites?
The response on the 2010 kites was amazing from riders across the world with varied riding styles and needs. Most of our customers told us not to change anything on the kites, but we knew we could improve on the performance and construction. With a few tweaks and small changes we made the 2011 kites even better than the 2010.

What are the standout changes?
For the 2011 Screamer, we made the 12m and 14m sizes 12% faster and reduced the bar pressure by 8%. We then took the construction to a new level and reinforced key areas for added strength. The 7m and 9m Screamer have undergone small construction improvements and minor tweaks for enhanced unhooked performance.

The 2011 Renegade 9m meter was improved to make it 12% faster with 10% less bar pressure and we added reinforcements. The Renegade 6m was near perfect, but riders will enjoy additional reinforcements and minor tweaks on the bridle for the 2011 version. Our greatest challenge was updating the Renegade 11m. We wanted to make this kite more powerful with less bar pressure and faster than its predecessor.

To pull this off we went back to the drawing board and started from scratch, but we were able to make the 11m substantially more powerful and significantly faster with totally stability!

You are continuing the 10m LTD Screamer for 2011. How is this kite different than the standard Screamer?
The Limited Edition is an extremely powerful kite using the same design characteristics but with a slightly different profile making this 10m as powerful as any other 12m kite.

For 2011 we decided to tweak the plans of the 10 LTD to improve the direct feel. Now not only do you get the amazing hang time, but unhooking is even better than last year’s model with powerful grunt, amazing pop, and explosive jumps.

Epic Renegade

Why would a rider who loved the 2010 Epic kites want to upgrade to the 2011 versions?
The 2010 kites are still amazing kites, so if you just purchased a 2010 kite I would not recommend that you buy a 2011 kite yet, unless you want to upgrade the quiver and get a better and improved version.

Are any changes being made to the Epic Bar?
The bar will remain the same but we changed the colors on the bar and we made a new hole on the bar so now the line of the CL can move in and out easier. We also changed the thickness of the lines and made them thicker and stiffer so it is easier to unroll the lines.

What was the approach to making changes on the new kites?
We are able to succeed in this industry because we listen to customer’s needs and work with them. You will see not only that our kites are superior quality compared to other brands but the performance and the customer service is incredible. Don’t take my word for it, just give us a try and you will see.

Epic Screamer

What type of riders are the Screamer, Renegade, and Junior Pro 4 designed for?
The Renegade was designed for all around riders, from teaching to wave riding to power moves to jumping. In a few words it’s a kite that can do everything you desire. Personally I love the Renegade for the waves. Now on the other hand the Screamer was designed for riders looking for big jumps, big hang time, big kite loops, and a very fast kite.

The Junior Pro 4 was designed by Cameron Maramenides, the world’s youngest pro rider. The size will be 4m with 20 meter lines, but this is not a toy! It is a kite made for those of us who really want our kids to excel and not just put them on a smaller version of what an adult rides. This kite has the performance of the Renegade line but in a smaller size made for the young guns. The one pump, compact bridle, super easy relaunch, and incredible depower also make it a kite that is excellent to teach those just starting out. Watch out though, pretty soon junior will be out-jumping you!

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