What We Are Excited About for 2011

Everyone here at The Kiteboarder Magazine love to get out and ride and we get just as excited as you do when the new products come out.

After a quick poll around the office we put together our picks for the upcoming 2011 kiteboarding products that we here at TKB are most interested in.


2011 Best Taboo. Photo Gavin Butler

Best has taken a new approach to the design of the all-new Taboo and we like the idea that each size was specifically made for the different types of riding people usually do in different wind speeds.


The 2011 Caution Spitfire. Photo David Devries

The 2011 Spitfire was created by combining the best aspects of the 2010 Zombie and Mayhem X and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.


With their 2011 product line, Eclipse is hoping to put the last few years behind them.

Our San Diego based staff members are curious to try the 9m Kima, which Eclipse claims will eliminate the need for a 12m because of its expanded range in lighter wind conditions.


Epic Kiteboaridng 2011

We really want to try the 2011 10m LTD Screamer, which Epic is claiming is an ultra high performance kite with the power of a 12m.


The 2011 F-One Source is the first 2-line on the market in years. Photo Regis Mortier/F-One

For sure, the F-One product we are most interested in for 2011 is the new Source 2-line kite. It’s been a long time since anyone sold a kite with no depower and we are very curious to see how well it is received.


Genetrix Kiteboarding 2011

We liked the 2010 Origin from Genetrix and are anxious to give it a try on a new and improved control system in 2011.


2011 GK Kiteboarding. Photo Stephan Kleinlein

With minor tweaks and a quick release that is easier to reload, we are looking forward to getting out on the 2011 Trix.


The 2011 Naish Park. Photo Erik Aeder

The Park is an all new kite from Naish for 2011 that they are describing as “C-Like” for the riders who want to try a C-kite, but are intimidated by them being too oriented for hardcore riders.


Nobile Kiteboarding 2011

The NHP is Nobile’s highest performing SLE kite and are interested to see if the new profile which improved its low end changed any other performance characteristics.


North Kiteboarding 2011. Photo Adam Koch

We are expecting the 2011 Dyno, North’s all new light wind specific kite, to turn some heads in riding areas plagued with light wind.


2011 RRD Kiteboarding. Photo Courtesy RRD

Almost all of us here at The Kiteboarder love to ride in the waves and we are excited about RRD’s 24 different surfboards they are offering for 2011.

Wainman Hawaii:

The all-new Wainman Hawaii Joke

We are really looking forward to getting to put a pair of boots on the new Wainman Hawaii Joke twin tip and go out for a powered up flat water session.

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