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2010 Wainman Hawaii Boss
AVAILABLE SIZES: Rabbit Gang sizes include 5, 7, 9, 12, 15m
TESTED IN: Pismo Beach,CA/ 15-18 knots and medium surf


This is the 12-gauge that shoots with the power of a 15 while rotating with the ease of a 9. Surely the first choice for larger riders in light to medium wind conditions and a great kite to have for everyone else who wants to have fun on light-wind days. For the right person, it should be considered a serious and solid player when the wind gets stronger.



Out of the Box: Wainman Hawaii strives for simplicity and cleanliness in their designs, and they have achieved that with the Boss. The Boss is a three-strut kite with no one-pump system. The leading edge is larger than most 12m kites and is incredibly rigid once inflated. The Boss’s short and simple bridle is adjustable to change how far upwind the kite flies and is well-labeled and easy to adjust. The Boss ships with an extra harness loop, spare chicken loop, and mini-fifth line that can be rigged onto the bar for another safety option.

The control bar features 24m lines (17m + 7m extensions), an above-bar depower, and push-away quick release. The Boss comes with a removable ring attached to the harness loop which most riders would assume is the correct place to attach their leash, but this will not provide for 100% depower and you will be separated from your kite if you activate the quick release. Beginners should attach their leash to the attachment on one of the front lines or set up the bar with the mini-fifth line (Wainman refers to this line as Double Depower).

On the Water: Once in the sky, the stability of the Boss is immediately noticeable. This kite never feels like it’s going to stall, even unhooked. The Boss never seems to distort or flutter and is an amazingly smooth-feeling kite. The Boss has great low-end power, but the power is very easy to control.

Bar pressure on the Boss is on the light side of medium and turning feels very similar to a C-Kite, where the kite’s power delivery remains smooth through the entire turn. In the waves, the Boss drifts downwind with the rider, yet is always ready to quickly respond to inputs. The Boss sits back a little deeper in the window than most kites, but you can still get upwind easily if you ride with power and use your edging skills. Jumping and looping the Boss is a pleasure, as it always responds very predictably and never gives any indication of stalling. Relaunching the Boss is almost automatic and takes very little input from the rider to be flying again.


  • The Wainman Hawaii kites are simplicity at its best. Everything has been designed to be simple, clean, and easy to use.
  • The stability and predictability of the Boss are both amazing. This may be the most stable kite we’ve ever tested.


  • It’s not obvious (especially to beginners) where the leash should be connected.
  • Some riders will not be happy that there is no one-pump option on the Wainman Hawaii kites.


The Wainman Hawaii Boss is a fantastic all-around kite. Everything about the kite is elegantly simple and the Boss is a great performer. The stability and stupidly-easy relaunch make this a great kite for beginners while the predictability, direct turning, great performance, and no-nonsense design will appeal to many intermediate and advanced riders. The Boss doesn’t jump as high or fly as far upwind as some other kites, and the lack of a one-pump system will turn some riders away. If you are looking for a great all-around kite that excels for a range of conditions and riding styles, the Boss fits that bill very well.


  • Pump up the Boss very hard. When you set the kite on the beach, the middle of the leading edge should sit about six inches above the sand.
  • Move the ring that comes attached to the harness loop to the main depower line. This will be the appropriate spot for most kiters to attach their leash.

Tester Comments:

“The Boss feels very light and responsive and the attention to detail really shows from the graphics down to the smallest details of the package; very well thought out!” Gary Martin, 175 lbs., Surf Kiter.
“The Boss is a refreshingly doodad-free piece of equipment. Riders who appreciate simplicity and clean control systems will love the Boss,” Paul Lang, 200 lbs., Surf Kiter.

Consumer Review: Ice at
“Just bought the Boss and the Smoke and wow what awesome kites. I’ve only flown the Boss, but if the Smoke is anything like it then I am stoked. These things are grunty as hell. Power delivery is so smooth and the kite is quick as hell…” Read the full review at

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