With our trip to The Gorge just around the corner, it’s time to call out for donations.  Team Wind Ninjas is comprised of Sensi Graves, Chris Stuckey, Dominique Granger, and Jason Slezak.
Wind Ninja’s goal is to raise positive and eclectic awareness, all the while motivating individuals to financially support KB4C through our active participation in this event. As a team, with each member having been personally affected by cancer, we are excited to support and participate in this year’s KB4C event! Watch out, Wind Ninja’s are silent and quick….
You can donate to team Wind Ninjas here:


Check back in real soon for full coverage of our travels to The Gorge, its going to be one hell of a trip!

swamp footy from Lifethereal on Vimeo.

Chuck over at Lifethereal put together a little edit from the other morning.  The crew consisted of Brian “BCS” Smith, Evan Netsch, and Nick Baines.  It was a fun session and I’m totally stoked on the edit.  Look for more coming from LTR and the Hatty Crew!