Kinsley and Jamie at the Best Dealer Meeting in Cabarete in 2008.

Kinsley had a good night yesterday after surgery and today, he had food for the first time and sucked down two smoothies. He also started a bit of PT on his neck and will start more tomorrow.

I got to see him for about 15 minutes and let him know of the worldwide and local support he has gotten from the kitesurfing community at large. I told him that hundreds/thousands of people were posting about what a positive impact he has made on the sport and their lives, whether he be a good friend, acquaintance, customer, or someone he just shared a smile and ‘hey bro’ with on the beach. thank you to all again for all your support and love.

The first thing he asked me was what happened. He then said he didn’t think he would be kitesurfing for awhile. Jamie and I replied that he’d be kiteboarding before he knew it and that Vanuatu was waiting for him (he was scheduled to leave today with Genetrix and The Kiteboarder Mag), Jamie and Taizen:-)

Tomorrow I will bring messages from his facebook page and the various forums worldwide. The video greetings have been super cool so keep those coming to

For full udpates, please check Kinsley ThomasWong page on facebook.

posted by Marina Chang, Publisher, TKB Mag 3:32p PST

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