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2010 GK Trix
AVAILABLE SIZES: 5.5, 7, 9, 12, 15m
TESTED IN: Pismo Beach, CA/16-18 knots and medium surf


For 2010, the Trix has been totally redesigned. It is more swept back, more like a medium aspect ratio delta. The central profile is the same, but the drag on the tips is lower, making the kite fly faster and generate more power.



Out of the Box: The first thing that stood out to us on the Trix is the number of adjustments that can be made on its bridle. This kite should please every rider who likes to tune and adjust gear. The Trix is a five-strut kite that inflates with a one-pump system. The leading edge, which is very swept back, uses the same bomber construction that we saw on the Sonic.

The Trix uses the same bar as the GK Sonic which features nice molded grip and multiple leash attachment points. The bar’s throw is quickly adjustable which allows you to move the above-bar depower strap closer to the rider for those who have shorter arms. The quick release is easy to activate, but difficult to put back together until you understand how it works. Make sure you know how to reassemble it on land, as you are unlikely to learn how to do it in the water.

On the Water: As tested, the GK Trix had medium bar pressure and quick (but not super fast) turning, but these aspects of the kite can be tuned to the rider’s liking through the adjustable bridle. Steering feels very direct and the kite doesn’t lose power through sharp turns or loops. When you dive the Trix, the power is punchy and comes on fast. It depowers quickly, but the kite’s forgiveness definitely decreases at its upper range. We found the Trix to be very easy to relaunch.

Unhooked, the Trix performs very well and it never has the tendency to back-stall. In the waves, the Trix feels nimble and responsive, and has great downwind drift. Because the Trix sits back slightly in the window, it’s doesn’t have top upwind performance. For kiteloops and low and fast moves, the Trix is a great kite, and also performs well for big air jumps. The Trix does not have great low-end power, but really comes alive once powered up.


*Very good performance kite for unhooked riding and kite looping.
*The Trix is a good wave-riding kite.


*The GK Trix does not have fantastic low-end power.
*Bridle settings and safety quick release both take some time to understand. This kite is very adjustable, which is great for people who like to tune and tweak and bad for those after simplicity.


The GK Trix is a great kite for freestyle riding, especially if you like to be able to change settings to change up how your kite flies. Be prepared to spend some time to learn the intricacies of how to adjust everything on this kite. The Trix is easy to relaunch and has great downwind drift for riding waves. If you are after top upwind and jumping performance, you may want to check out the GK Sonic.


*Learn how the quick release works and how it goes back together before you take this kite in the water. Every tester who rode this kite agrees that the system is easy to use once figured out, but it’s not very intuitive at first.
*Go to https://www.globespirit.com and watch the videos about the bar and bridle adjustments to better understand how to tune this kite.

Tester Comments:

“Great kite for freestyle riding! Kiteloops, downloops, and powered tricks are easy on this kite. It turns so fast and the loops are forgiving even if you miss the timing a little,” Phil Midler, 160 lbs., Freestyle Kiter.

“This is a very nice kite that would suit anyone who likes freestyle, freeriding, kitelooping, or unhooking as well as a great kite for new riders,” Kinsley Thomas Wong, 155 lbs, Freestyle/Unhooked/Big Air Kiter.

Consumer Review: Leapin Len at Kiteforum.com
“The GK Trix is outstanding. The 12 feels like a C-kite as far as responsiveness to rider input and it has complete depower. The construction is far more durable than any other kite out there and it’s got a nice compact bridle system that is completely adjustable so you can vary the bar pressure depending on your style…” Read the full review at https://www.kiteforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=2363317&p=642571