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TKB PODCAST: Phil Midler on his Record Breaking Journey

Phil Midler from XLKites joined us today to give us a recap of his amazing Journey of nearly 240 miles of kiteboarding along the Texas Gulf Coast.

On May 10 at 6:20 a.m., two Americans quietly set out to break the world kiteboarding distance record. Their goal: kiteboard from South Padre Island, TX, to Houston, TX, a distance of 257 nautical miles. Kiteboarders Phil Midler, 30, Co-Owner of XLKITES kiteboarding stores and an avid mountaineer, and Mitch Andrews, 40, a pilot for Continental Airlines, knew the task would be mentally and physically demanding but the reality of their endeavor proved to be much more challenging than either could have imagined.


On Tuesday, May 11 at 8:15 a.m., Midler completed his journey in near impossible light wind conditions, 27 miles ahead of Steen Carsten’s current record of 178.5 nautical miles. Pending Guinness Book of World Records verification, Milder unofficially beat the current record armed with a 2010 10-meter Slingshot RPM and a 5’4” Slingshot Celeritas surfboard by completing 205.5 nautical miles from the XLKITES shop in South Padre Island to Matagorda, TX, next to Highway 60 in 17 hours. For the exclusive full story, see https://kiteboarder3.wpengine.com/2010/05/american-phil-midler-breaks-kiteboarding-long-distance-world-record/

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