In this issue:

LAUNCH – With the recent cancellation of the KPWT in Jamaica, what is the future for this organization? This feature explores the affects of the IKA on the pro rider competition circuit.

INTERVIEW – With 23 participating colleges and growing, TKB sat down with founder Matt Sexton of the Collegiate Kiteboarding Association to find out his vision for the sport and what’s happening on the collegiate circuit.

TRAVEL – F-One photographer Gilles Calvet is the author of this heart warming story about Mitu Monteiro and the local talent in Cabo Verde, starting from his first visit to the island in 1993.


  • Close Up profiles Best rider Kriss Kinn and North’s Tommy Fields
  • Analyze This: The TKB test team’s verdict on 2010 Best Kahoona, Globe Kites Trix, Nobile T5, Naish Charger, North Rebel, Wainman Hawaii Boss, Slingshot Ignition, Slingshot Key, Naish Fish, Cautinon 5’10” Trespass
  • Designer’s reveal new or next generation products including 2010 Best Bularoo, Genetrix Hydra V4 and F-One Trax V
  • Workbench reveals the best way to untangle your spaghetti line mess!


-TKB Team

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