In July of 2009, David Horn, 46, former owner of XL Kites in Dallas, TX, was involved in a five car wreck involving a “T” city of Fort Worth transportation bus that took one life and critically injured two others. Police reports show the bus driver was at fault for failing to control his speed to avoid an accident. The T told has denied all of Horn’s claims but settled with others, though it won’t say why. This is outrageous!

Horn escaped his vehicle before fire consumed it. But he said $15,000 worth of kiteboarding equipment inside his Sport Utility Vehicle was incinerated. Today, Horn is physically and monetarily broke and most likely, will never kiteboard again. Doctors told him a mere slip and fall could cause him to become a quadriplegic or paralyze his diaphragm, requiring him to breathe with the aid of a machine for the rest of his life. Right now, he’s just trying to keep his head above water. He wears a $1,500 back brace to help keep his back straight. He’s exploring surgery options, but he said he hasn’t received a dime from his claims. For the full story see this video interview

With finances tighter than ever, Horn said this is the first month that he hasn’t been able to pay his credit card bills. But he is working again. Horn is managing his friend’s shop, XL Kites in South Padre Island; but that’s nearly 600 miles from home. He’s been communicating with his wife through SKYPE.

Dallas kiteboarders are planning a march on City Hall to express their outrage about Horn’s treatment. Please help by writing, emailing or calling the mayor of Fort Worth. This could be any one of us and the effort is certainly worth a couple minutes of your time. Your support could make a world of difference in David’s future.



Attn: Mayor Mike Moncrief


817-392-6118 ph

817-392-6187 fax

RE: David Horn Accident involving T-Bus July 10, 2009 – Irresponsible Government Leadership!

Dear Mayor Moncrief,

On July 10, 2009, local resident and business owner David Horn was involved in a five-car collision, caused by a T-Bus in your district. The bus hit a car from the rear, killing that individual, and that car then crashed into Mr. Horn’s car, changing his life forever physically and professionally. While other claims have been settled, due to the fact that the bus driver was found to be at fault for not controlling his speed properly, Mr. Horn’s claims continue to be denied with no plausible explanation.

I have no interest in visiting the #1 tourist destination in Texas if your city treats its residents and visitors this way! I am appalled and disgusted with the City of Fort Worth’s treatment and denial of Mr, Horn and his claim. He has lost his business, is working in South Padre, 600 miles from his wife to make ends meet and should he slip or fall, could become a quadriplegic or paralyze his diaphragm, requiring him to breathe with the aid of a machine for the rest of his life. David is an avid sportsman who opened the first kiteboarding shop in the Dallas area, one of the fastest growing watersports in the world. A march on City Hall from your local kitesurfing constituents totaling 221 members and growing, is planned to protest this grave injustice.

As Mayor of Fort Worth, you have an obligation to protect your citizens.  Please give your full attention to Mr. Horn’s case with the T-Authority. In reviewing the facts of this incident, there is no doubt that the T-Bus was 100 percent at fault for Mr., Horn’s accident and how government authorities can deny any responsibility for his claim is simply outrageous and wrong. He should be fully compensated to the full extent for the damages the city’s transit bus caused to his property and way of life.


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