Ben Wilson advised today he will be embarking on a new phase for BENWILSONSURF – and made a special announcement to thank his collaboration with Slingshot International. “My partnership with Slingshot Sports over the past 10 years has been one that has combined amazing foresight, understanding and a great working relationship. Their product and the team behind it have been a pleasure to work with on and off the water.”


Ben will be focusing his energies on BENWILSONVISION, his elite kite camps around the globe and some new projects that link in travel with developing the sport. Ben said that it was time for him to build a new phase and take things to the next level focusing on his productions that will take kiting in the surf to mainstream media. “It was a really tough decision but one that’s been a long time coming,” he said. To celebrate the successes he’s shared with Slingshot, Ben has created a separate website that recognizes his decade with the brand and as a thank you to the management and team there – on a national and international level. Check out

His new adventures will take him to un-kited territory, television productions and bring production on BENWILSONVISION to a whole new level. Additionally, more energy and focus will go into the ever popular Ben Wilson Surf Kite Camps and along with a select few, he’s got plans to create and capture a side of the sport that will open the connection to surfing with kiting in a major way.

Ben said, “It’s never easy to make decisions to move forward and take a new direction when you’ve worked so long with one brand – but I feel it’s like dropping into the wave of the day – it’s all about timing. I’m super stoked to have the chance to develop my pro career and share the sport on a broader scale with the hardcore fans and those that have yet to discover what is possible with a kite in the surf.

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