The 2010 Luderitz Speed challenge will take place 4 to 31 October

Seb taking on the canal that changed our perceptions of what's possible

Many world records have been broken during the first 3 Luderitz Speed Challenges, and it’s played a vital role in kiteboarders attaining top ranking in Speed Sailing.

The event has proved its credibility each year, and steps are being taken to further increase the potential of the run by improving the water state to maximise what “2nd Lagoon” has to offer.

At the 2009 Luderitz Speed Challenge, a canal was dug which opened up a world of possibilities. It proved to be an amazing idea, as it created a near perfect water state that allowed kiters to go faster than ever before in less wind (40 knots max) !

What more impressive is that it was only 3 meters wide, which is 10 times narrower than the canal at “Les Saintes Marie de la Mer“ in France, where Antoine Albeau set the fastest time on a windsurfer (49.09 knots).

Go to for full information on the 2010 event.

2007 Records :
1st “Kiteboarding World Record Attempt” already reached success with amazing results:
> Outright Ladies world Record
> Kiteboarding world Record

2008 Records
> Kiteborading became the fastest craft on water and 1st to break the 50 knot barrier.
> 18 national records were set.
> Every competitors improved their personal Records.

2009 Records and achievements
Alexandre Caizergues : 50.98 knots (kiteboarding world Record)
Rob Douglas : 50.95 knots (USA outright Record)
Melissa Gil : 38 (USA Ladies Record)
Jernej Privsek : 44.59 (Slovenia Record)
Felipe Johannpeter : 42.14 (Brazil Record)
Tim Turner: 33.94 (Australian kiteboarding record)
Jamie Douglas : 48.67 (personal best)
Mike Hall : 46.71 (personal best)
Marc Antoine Martin : 46.46 (personal best)
Geoffrey Mascarell : 46.11 (personal best)
Stefane Caous : 45.89 (personal best)
Patrice Menossi : 45.8 (personal best)
Fred Kloren : 44.62 (personal best)
Marc Avella : 41.37(personal best)
Stefan Metzger : 40.21 (personal best)
Sophie Routaboul : 39.29 (personal best)
Wolfram Reiners : 38.52 (personal best)
Paul Railton : 38.19 (personal best)
Ronan Harvey: 36.02 (personal best)
Peter Bjarke Olsen : 33.77 (personal best)


The plan in 2010 is to build upon the success of last year, and dig a canal the whole way. The width and angle will also be improved. It’ll be made dead straight to get better averages over 500 meters.

We were at Luderitz in February, and the canal was still there.
So it’s definitely the best way to make a chop killer and attain records.

The event attracts many nationalities and has proven to be the fastest kiteboarding spot in the world over the past 3 years.

The World Sailing Speed Record Council (WSSRC) who sanctions each event will be present to make records official, as was the case in previous years :

Competitors who attend the event, help develop the sport and grow kiteboarding internationally.

Take this golden opportunity, together we can push the limits and beat some other national and world Records going faster than “L’Hydroptère” which currently hold the record with 51.36 knots.

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