Thanks in large part to F.One team rider and World Speed Record Holder Alex Caizergues, kitesurfing gear will soon be treated as regular baggage on Air France/KLM. This is great news for Europeans/French but what about us in North America? Here is the letter that was sent to Alex:


I have read your letter (i.e our petition) concerning the rules for transporting sports equipment and we thank you for it.

It is well known that large size luggage require expensive handling processes, hence the current policy.

However, in order to better attract sporting customers, the Air France-KLM group is preparing to change the rules governing the treatment of sports equipment.

In a few weeks, all sports equipment should be considered a classic checked baggage and will be exempted from surcharge.

On the number of free baggage according to booking class and weight, you will find details on the site

Be sure that we make every effort to make life easier for our clients and athletes I hope that you’ll pass on this information, as you suggest in your letter.

Please accept, Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration

I would like to thank first Xavier, captain on Air France flight, who help us relay the information to Air France management and of course all the people who took times to sign the online petition (and there was a lot, 1786 in total!).

Once again, thanks everyone!!!

Alexandre Caizergues