Slingshot 2010 RPM Analyze This Kite Review

TESTED: 10 and 12m
AVAILABLE SIZES: 4.5, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14
TESTED IN: La Ventana, 15-20 knots and choppy water


Maximum versatility without sacrificing an ounce of performance is the Crossover Collection mantra. Slingshot is proud to announce its second generation RPM. The RPM is changing kiteboarding with its innovative 3 strut “Open C” Canopy design. It delivers limitless high-end performance options for all conditions. Excel your riding regardless of your style. Discover what the pros already know.

The RPM is the one kite that allows for top performance while executing un-hooked freestyle, wakestyle, and surf style. “The kite has a great low and high-end range. For me it is perfect. It has explosive pop for unhooked tricks. It has massive boost so I have time for double handle passes or powered kite loops. The new refinements shine where I can feel even pull, increased stability, and forgiveness. Relaunching is also fast and effortless. The RPM has accelerated me up the PKRA podium.” – Global Slingshot team rider Youri Zoon.



Out of the Box: The 2009 RPM was a big success for Slingshot, and the 2010 RPM shows minor refinements over last year’s model, as opposed to a major redesign. The most obvious changes are in the bridle and canopy panel layout. The bridle on the RPM is unlike any others we have seen, and at first we thought it was tangled when it wasn’t. Both the front bridle and the rear line connection points are adjustable, allowing you to tune the performance of the RPM to your liking. The RPM features a three-strut design and is obviously well-built to maintain that famous Slingshot durability.

The 2010 RPM comes with Slingshot’s completely new Comp Stick bar, which now features a push-away quick release. The above-bar center line swivel has also been redesigned. The new bar also features a rubber grip, adjustable stopper, and below-bar depower cleat. Additionally, the harness loop automatically lines itself up with the bar when you unhook, which makes hooking back in very easy. This is a very clean control system.

On the Water : In the air, the RPM is a very stable and predictable kite. This kite truly has the feeling of a c-kite with the depower and usability of a bridled kite. Bar pressure is tunable from light to medium and the power delivery from the RPM is very smooth. When unhooked, the RPM remains stable and offers fantastic pop for unhooked moves.

The new bar works very well, except that the depower line can be difficult to pull if it’s set at full power. Start the day with about 1” of depower and it is much easier to adjust. This kite also has excellent boost and is a piece of cake to relaunch. All in all, the RPM is a great all-around kite ideal for riders who love the direct power and performance that only C-kite designs can deliver, but with the forgiveness of a SLE.


  • The 2010 RPM is a very smooth and stable kite with great wind range and unhooked ability.
  • Great all-around kite that does it all with C-kite-like handling and bridled-kite ease of use.


  • The depower line can be very hard to pull when adjusted all the way out to full power.
  • The RPM bridle has four pulleys and can be confusing the first few times you set the kite up.

Just Tech: 2010 RPM from SLINGSHOT RH on Vimeo.


Slingshot has a very good thing going with the RPM. This is a great kite for riders who want to ride a C-kite, but also want the depower and relaunch ease that comes with a bridled kite. The RPM is a great all-around kite that does a lot of different things very well.


  • Dunk the center line swivel in the water after each session to prevent the buildup of sand.
  • Play with the rear pigtail settings to get the bar pressure you desire.

Consumer Review: Mitch Andrews, rider for
This kite has so many different feels to it because of the settings. I found the kite to be smooth with constant power through the wind window. It has a C-kite feel with the depower of a bow kite. This is usually a claim by kites that are hybrid kites but the RPM delivers on this assertion.

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