Genetrix 2010 Origin Analyze This Kite Review

TESTED: 9 and 11m
AVAILABLE SIZES: 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15
TESTED IN: Central California, 16-21 knots with waves


GENETRIX is proud to introduce our newest creation, the ORIGIN. After developing the speed record-breaking HYDRA kite, we have been working hard to deliver you a new kite designed for wave riding, freestyle, and ultimately for pure pleasure. Our talented design team has spent many hours developing a product with a new standard of performance unequaled in freestyle and wave riding.

The ORIGIN blends smoothness and instant control while maintaining fast flying and turning speed. Highly intuitive and responsive, the ORIGIN can pivot on a tight radius with light bar pressure and is easy to control. As with its partner the HYDRA, the ORIGIN delivers unrivaled hang time capability.

The Origin is not just for hardcore freestylers or dedicated wave riders but will also satisfy anyone who is in search of a user-friendly kite.



Out of the Box: The Origin may be the first kite from Genetrix to be tested by The Kiteboarder, but they are not a new company. Genetrix claims this kite was in development for two years before being released. The Origin is a six-strut kite, meaning that the middle of the kite is strut-free. Other standout features include a simple bridle (no pulleys), wingtip self-rescue handles, non-segmented struts (meaning less seams), a clean one-pump system, and a wingtip deflator to make it easier to roll up your kite.

All kites from Genetrix use the same bar, which features a molded push-away quick release, removable donkey stick, below-bar swivel, above-bar depower cleat, and sleeved main depower line. Each rear line has an adjustable strap that allows you to adjust on the fly.

On the Water: The Genetrix Origin is an amazingly simple and easy-to-use kite. The bar pressure is light-medium and steering is smooth and direct. The Origin doesn’t deliver full power during aggressive turns, but the power smoothly comes back after the turn is initiated. Jumping on this kite is fantastic with great vertical lift and hang time. The Origin handles predictably and the kite remains stable in most conditions, even when unhooked.

Since there is no center line stopper for the bar, don’t completely let the bar go when un-spinning your lines or you’ll let the kite go to complete depower.


  • Great vertical lift and hang time.
  • The whole Origin package is a clean and simple grab-and-go kite.


  • Lack of a stopper on the depower line makes it possible to accidently sheet the kite out to full depower.
  • Wind range (especially on the low end) is a little narrow.


Great boosting power, incredible hang time, and an ultra-simple design make the Origin a desirable kite. The elegant engineering of the kite and bar will feel comfortable in the hands of kiters at all skill levels. Riders who want a no-worries kiting experience will appreciate the Origin, as there are no moving parts on the kite to break. Riders who like a kite that pulls evenly while turning may not like how this kite handles. This is a great all-around kite that will appeal to a wide audience of kiteboarders.


  • Because of the simple bridle and set up, you can simply leave your lines attached to the kite when de-rigging to speed up getting on the water next time.
  • Be sure to put the safety system back together correctly with the leash in the slotted area.

Consumer Review: hydra at
As it turns out, the kite blew away me and anyone who flew it. This kite seems super stable with light bar pressure. It turns fast with the choice of three connection points at the rear lines… Read the full consumer review at

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