Epic 2010 Screamer Analyze This Kite Review

AVAILABLE SIZES: 7, 9, 12, 14
TESTED IN: La Ventana, 18-20 knots and choppy water


Designed by legendary rider Dimitri Maramenides, this is the ultimate weapon for big jumps, hang time, and unhooked moves. If you’re interested in jumping higher, riding faster, and escalating every level of your kite surfing experience, then the Screamer is what you want to ride. This is the kite for those that will accept nothing less than excellence in all categories. The experienced rider will enjoy the top end competition ready performance the Screamer gives, while the intermediate notices the fast relaunch and effortless turning that makes kiting easier for them, thus making the 2010 Screamer the “ALL ACCESS” kite for any scene.

From racing to hang time to unbelievable pop and incredible turning speed, this kite delivers. Whether your goal is to win competitions or just take your riding to the next level, the Screamer is the kite you have been looking for.



Out of the Box: The Screamer is the first kite from new company Epic Kites tested by The Kiteboarder Magazine. For a first-effort, we were very surprised to see the attention to details on the construction of the Screamer. The leading edge is protected by large molded bumpers and all of the high-wear areas of the kite are reinforced, including the bridle attachment points. The one-pump system is very clean, but watch out for wear on the canopy caused by sharp edges on the one-pump clips. The Screamer has a short front-line bridle and direct rear-line attachments. The rear line attachments are adjustable to change the turning speed of the kite.

All of the kites from Epic use the same bar, which is adjustable from 45-55cm. The bar has a very soft grip and features a molded push-away quick release, above-bar depower strap, adjustable stopper, and below-bar centerline swivel. The Epic bar comes stock with 20-meter lines and 4-meter extensions, giving you the choice of two different line lengths.

On the Water : The Screamer is a high-performance kite! If you were thinking that the first kite from a new company wouldn’t be any good, you are wrong. The Screamer flies very far forward in the window, making this one of the best kites we’ve tested for getting upwind. Bar pressure on the Screamer is in the light-medium range. The Screamer flies fast and turns quickly. Hang time on this kite is fantastic. Once you get the timing of this kite down, be prepared to spend some time in the sky. Of course, all of this performance has to have a cost, and that cost with the Screamer is stability. Especially in gusty/shifty winds, pay attention to flying the Screamer when it’s sitting at the edge of the window.


  • This kite is a booster!
  • Fantastic upwind performance, possibly the most forward-flying kite we’ve tested.


  • The Screamer is not a super stable kite in the sky, especially at the top of the window.
  • One-pump clips have sharp edges that could damage the canopy. We suggest sanding them down or just taking them off.


The Screamer is a great kite if you want to ride fast, jump high, and get upwind quickly, and are willing to give up a little stability for top performance. If you want to ride waves, or are into unhooked wakestyle riding, this kite is not the best for you, but if you are into big air freestyle, this is a perfect kite.


  • Be careful when unspinning the front line swivel – you could activate the safety release if you’re not paying attention.
  • Avoid keeping the kite overhead when on the beach. Hold it lower in the window or keep it moving near the top of the window for best stability.

Consumer Review: From vpkiteboarding at kiteforum.com
Got to try out the Epic Screamer 14m in about 12 mph wind. The kite had nice consistent and predictable power. After just a few tacks I had a real good feel of the kite, like I had been riding it for months. I am about 190 pounds and to my surprise had no trouble staying upwind…. Read the full consumer review at www.kiteforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=2362199&p=633780

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