After waiting at the airport for three days, North team rider Dirk Hanel finally made it out of Germany on Tuesday on one of the last flights out before his airport was shut down. Four transfers and 17 hours later, he finally made it to Corpus and was met by teammate Steph Bridge who also went through considerable hoops to get to TX.

Things are shaping up for the start of the 2010 IKA World Racing Championship in Corpus Christi, TX, April 22-25. Despite the chaos in air travel due to volcanic ash, all except eight riders made it from Europe! These riders had to go through quite a lot to get here so major props to them all for their commitment and dedication!


After a little under a week of no wind,  the wind is back today in Corpus and is forecast to be good for at least the next three days. Press conference at 2:30p today and set up in preparation for tomorrow’s start.

The event is taking place in conjunction with the Texas International Boat Show which attracts over 30,000 visitors. A new kite-specific boat is supposed to be here so more on that as well when the Boat Show start