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GK 2010 Sonic Analyze This Kite Review

AVAILABLE SIZES: 6, 8, 11, 14, 17
TESTED IN: La Ventana, 14-16 knots and choppy water


For 2010, the new Sonic GK VDelta has eliminated the V shape from last year to create the new VDelta Shape. The kite is now a high aspect ratio delta and is faster than the 09 Vsonic. For 2010, the central profile is shorter, giving a higher aspect ratio and less drag. By adjusting the A-KPO to F4 F5 you will have the same performance and feeling as the 06 Sonic. You can adjust the A-KPO to dial in the bar pressure and turning speed you desire.

The new Sonic has eliminated the tip batten and features the same LE sewing and reinforcements as last year. The Sonic GK VDelta is a combination of all the best specs in the history of the GK Sonic over the last 4 years.



Out of the Box: The 2010 GK Sonic looks completely different than last year’s V-Sonic and the trademark bump (lovingly referred to as the nipple) on the LE of the kite has been eliminated. GK calls the shape of this new kite a V-Delta, and we have to say that this kite looks much more mainstream than last year’s model. Other standout features include the swept wingtips, clean one-pump system, and the adjustable A-KPO bridle, which allows you to adjust the turning speed and bar pressure to your liking. The Sonic has seven struts and the triple-stitched leading edge is well protected with scuff guards.

The 2010 GK bar is similar to last year’s bar, but the push-away quick release now has stronger bungee cord in it to help prevent accidental releases. The bar’s throw is quickly adjustable which allows you to move the above-bar depower strap closer to the rider for those who have shorter arms. The GK bar also features a nice molded grip and multiple leash attachment points.

On the Water : We flew the 2010 GK Sonic straight out of the bag with the stock settings and right away we noticed this kite is faster through the air than previous Sonic models. The Sonic flies far forward in the window making it easy to get upwind. Jumping is where the Sonic is at its best as this kite has great pop and hang time. Bar pressure is in the light-medium range on the stock bridle settings. Turning speed is not especially quick, but the turning and the power delivery of the Sonic are both very smooth.


  • The A-KPO bridle on the Sonic makes this a very tunable kite for those who like to tinker.
  • Great jumping performance with excellent hang time.


  • The lack of numbers on the kite at the bridle attachment points makes choosing the A-KPO settings a little confusing. ***UPDATE: The Sonic now has labels on the bridles connection points, making it easier to adjust the bridles.***
  • The GK Sonic is prone to back-stalling if not tuned properly.


The GK Sonic is a fast kite that excels in jumping and upwind ability. This is a great kite for an intermediate/advanced rider going for big moves who wants a wide wind range. This kite does not excel in the waves, so you may want to look at the GK Trix if this is your focus.


  • Don’t be afraid to play with the A-KPO settings. They really make a difference in how the kite flies.
  • Dunk the quick release in the water before and after each session to keep it clear of sand.

Consumer Review: Waxman at seabreeze.com.au
During the test the A-KPO setup was on the front of the kite which allows for better turning and good feedback on the bar. The kite is more stable and much faster on the front settings as well. The new Delta shape allows a very good relaunch. Read the full review at www.kiteforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2361373