Here are the results for the Third Annual Best Superfly Open, held March 11-14 at Powder Mountain, Utah. Stay Tuned, we will be following up shortly with more photos and an event report from roving reporter Alexis Rovira.

Mens Pro Rail Jam

1.    Sam Medesky       Best

2.    Brandon Scheid   Liquid Force

3.    Jacob Buzianis    Best

Mens Ski Pro Freestyle

1.    Jim Bison         Best

2.    Jon McCabe

Mens Snowboard Pro Freestyle

1.    Brandon Scheid   Liquid Force

2.    Craig Cunningham  Liquid Force

3.    Sam Medesky       Best


Mens Ski Pro Kitecross

1.    Jon McCabe

2.    Daryl Drown       Best

3.    Patrick Nedele    Ozone

Mens Snowboard Pro Kitecross

1.    James Brown       Ozone

2.    Jacob Buzianis    Best

3.    Oliver Palmers    Best

Mens Ski Amateur Kitecross

1.    Mark Johnson

2.    Richard Drelich

3.    Ravil Muslyumov

Mens Snowboard Amateur Kitecross

1. Juan Carlos Morales

2. Marty Lowe

Womens Kitecross

1. Heather Schenk       Ozone

2. Victoria Stevens

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