Hua Hin, Thailand – Today was the first day in Hua Hin with unpredictable winds. PKRA Race director Olaf Van Tol decided to postpone the race and freestyle double elimination competitions today in anticipation that the wind would change in direction and pick up in strength. An extremely light breeze prevailed most of the day, until approximately 1:30 pm a freak storm hovered over the area for about 20 minutes.

The wind was so strong that it blew tents over, and caused a little bit of excitement around the event site. After postponing the competition for most of the day, Van Tol released the race and freestyle riders for the day and organized a stand-up paddleboard competition.

Stand-up paddle boarding is taking the world by storm. Whether you call it S.U.P, paddle surfing, SUP’ing, stand-up paddle boarding or beach boy surfing, it is a new addition to the waterman lifestyle.


Aside from being another way of catching waves, SUP is also an increasingly popular way of keeping fit, and improving core-stability. Flat water SUP trips, and ‘down-winders’ are both a great work out, and a good way to get on the water when the surf’s junk, or it’s flat – and a SUP session is definitely more fun than hitting the gym. Stand Up Paddle surfing is an incredibly versatile sport. You can take a look at the forecast and choose what you want to do with your SUP on any given day: and there won’t be many days when you can’t get out and do something.

So if you see a surf shop where they rent SUP’s, spend a few dollars and give it a try, the worst thing that could happen is that you have a little fun!

Tomorrow’s skippers meeting is scheduled for 10:00am to determine what the wind situation is going to be for the day.

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