EVENT REPORT: Regatta Copa Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, FINAL RESULTS

The 2010 North American Kiteboarding Course Racing Championships are finished, and it was Adam Koch and Steph Bridge who came out on top. The Championship was a part of the huge Regatta Copa Mexico event here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Unfortunately, the wind died for the last two days of the event, so the results stand unchanged from our last update. On both Friday and Saturday, the wind filled in enough for a race to be started, but on both days the wind died before the race was completed.


Most racers were using the latest kiteboarding course racing boards, and these boards are so efficient that racing can realistically happen in anything over six knots of wind. The racing was very close, with only one point separating first place from third, but it was  Adam Koch’s consistency that put him on top for the series.

The award’s ceremony was held concurrently with the awards ceremony for the MEXORC Regatta, a sailboat regatta featuring some of the premier yachts in the sailboat racing world. Kiteboarding course racing may still be small, but it was a nice step forward to see it included in this large and prestigious sailing regatta.

Next up for kiteboarding course racing is the world championships, being held April 22 – 25 in Corpus Christi, Texas. You can find more info about the upcoming World Championships at http://www.njsdesigns.org/US_Continentals_2010.html

Regatta Copa Mexico, 2010 North American Contenental Course Racing Championships Final Results:


  1. Adam Koch, USA
  2. Bruno Sroka, FRA
  3. Damien LeRoy, USA
  4. Sean Farley Gomez, MEX
  5. Julien Kerneur, FRA
  6. Johnny Heineken, USA
  7. Chip Wasson, USA
  8. Michael Gebhart, USA
  9. Kent Marinkovic, USA
  10. Cameron Biehl, USA
  11. Steph Bridge, GBR
  12. Donald Parker, USA
  13. Melissa Gil, USA
  14. Sandy Parker, USA
  15. Andrew Koch, USA
  16. Rainbow Monds, CAN
  17. Rachel, MEX



  1. Adam Koch, USA
  2. Bruno Sroka, FRA
  3. Damien LeRoy, USA
  4. Sean Farley Gomez, MEX
  5. Julien Kerneur, FRA


  1. Steph Bridge, GBR
  2. Melissa Gil, USA
  3. Sandy Parker, USA
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