EVENT REPORT: Pismo Beach KiteXpo, Sunday, 3/21/2010

The 2010 Pismo Beach KiteXpo concluded today and, unfortunately, the wind never showed up as forecasted. Despite the lack of wind, the event was a success, with tons of kiteboarders from throughout California coming down to the beach to check out the latest kiteboarding gear from all of the manufacturers here.


Today started with a beach raffle, loaded with tons of kiteboarding gear. The top prizes were a board of choice from Underground and a WLF twin tip from Liquid Force. Marko Bartscherer walked away with the underground board. For the Liquid Force board, three names were drawn, and three Liquid Force 12m kites were laid out on the sand waiting to be pumped up. Whoever pumped up their kite the fastest would win the board. After a lot of cheering from the crowd and a pump failure for one competitor, Storm Dunker was named the fasted kite pumper.

At the end of the raffle, the wind began to come up, with whitecaps moving in towards the shore. Kites were launched and a few people made it onto the water, but the wind began to shut off after only a few minutes.

A big thanks goes to everyone who came out to the event to check out the gear and especially to all of the Vendors who came out to show off their latest and greatest gear. See you next year!