Designer’s Corner: 2010 Genetrix Origin

Designer Profile:

Name: Martial Camblong
Age: 43 years
Location: Biarritz & Leucate, France
Job Title: Founder, Boss
Designing: 12 Years
Kiteboarding: 12 years

Product name: Origin
Product category: SLE
Sizes available: 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15m
Release date: Available now

Tell us a bit about Genetrix and your background?
I started designing kites in 1998 when Eric Saurré and I made the first flat kite with a four line depowerable bar system. At the time, nobody was very interested in our design because the major manufacturers had already invested in the legaignoux patent and were looking to get some return on their investment. I kept working on R&D and brought the concept to market when I started Genetrix in 2005, and launched the first Hydra v1. We built Genetrix’s reputation on the Hydra, which is totally unique and still has the biggest wind range on the market, even four years after we introduced the Hydra v1. For instance, when Sébastien Cattelan smashed the 50 knot world record, he was flying a 9m Hydra v3 in 45 knots of wind! The Origin is a brand new freestyle kite from Genetrix.

Where does it fit in your product mix and what were you main goals in developing it?
We wanted to complement the existing Hydra by offering a brand-new design dedicated to wave riding and freestyle. For these disciplines, fast/smooth turning and auto relaunch were of prime importance, along with a good wind range and easy handling. Our experience with the Hydra also really helped us. For instance, we integrated one aerodynamic design feature (double center struts) from the Hydra, which gives the kite better stability and a much greater projected surface to the wind which in turns creates more power and a bigger wind range.

2010 Genetrix Origin

What was your biggest challenge during the prototype phase?
To make a kite better than the Hydra! I spent two years prototyping and testing before putting the Origin on the market.

What are some of the key product features and performance characteristics?
Quality, power, quick response, and performance. We use Teijin’s polyester fabric exclusively for all our kites. It is the most expensive material on the market and many brands don’t use it. We go the extra mile because we know that even after two or three years, a Genetrix kite still holds a lot of value, which is important to our customers. Freestylers will love the ease of unhooked moves. At arms length, the power in the kite is easy to control and the bar feels light.

What are the safety features on your bar?
The clean and efficient quick release (which conveniently incorporates the swivel), below-the-bar leash attachment, and no bulky QR with metal parts which can get in the way when doing unhooked moves.


Any other key features you want to point out about your control system or lines?
The bridle on the Origin is ultra clean and compact – all adjustments are made at the bar with custom tuning options on the wingtips where the rear lines attach. We deliberately avoided the use of any pulleys.

2010 Genetrix Origin

What style/level of rider do you think will get the most out of this product?
The Origin is a kite that will perform well for beginner to advanced riders and for those that are taking freestyle and wave riding to the next level. The fact that it practically bounces off the water when dropped makes it great for riders of all abilities.

What is your warranty policy?
We warranty our products for one year from the date of purchase. We proudly stand behind our products and want to make sure that the Genetrix name in the US has the same great reputation we’ve developed in Europe over the last five years.

What do you believe differentiates your product from your competitors?
Quality is synonymous with Genetrix. You can tell the quality of our kites from just looking at them on the beach – but you have to try them to understand how the advanced design features translate into world-beating performance.

TESTED: Marc Antoine Martin, Team Rider
The Origin is a versatile kite both for freestyle and wave riding. It also has a lot of hang time even though this is not its strongest point. With its round shape, it relaunches quickly and easily which is an incredible advantage in wave riding! In freestyle new school, the kite performs very well. The bar pressure is moderate and the kite turns very quickly while being gentle and smooth throughout the wind window. For 9m or smaller kites, I found it is ideal to attach the rear lines to the neutral position on the wingtip setting or even the forward setting to slow down the kite’s turning speed. Above 11m, the maneuverability is maintained but the kite has a substantive power greater than the 5, 7 and 9m. Its design is also excellent for kite loops – the kite moves back to the top as soon as it has finished its rotation.

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