Best 2010 Waroo Analyze This Kite Review

AVAILABLE SIZES: 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15m
STYLE: Delta – Wingtip design
TESTED IN: Corpus Christi, TX, 20–28mph winds

Completely redesigned, the 2010 Waroo pushes the free-ride concept further than ever before. An all new Delta-Wingtip Design replaces the previous SLE kite layout. Providing Kahoona-like ease of use and Nemesis NXG aerodynamic performance, the new Delta-Wingtip layout ensures that the Waroo remains the ultimate “do anything, ride everywhere” kitesurfing kite.


Out of the Box: The Waroo’s tribal graphics now cover a smaller portion of the kite along the wingtips and trailing edge. The Waroo is designed as a delta–wingtip kite, unlike previous generations of the Waroo which were SLE kites. The bridal system incorporates stainless steel rings that the bridle travels through instead of using pulleys. Our test kite came with a traditional separated inflation system with a designated inflation and deflation valve on the leading edge (non-one-pump), but the Waroo is also available with EZPump, the Best Kiteboarding version of a one-pump system.

On the Water : Riding the new 2010 Waroo, it became immediately apparent that this is kite is quite different from the previous designs. While the kite seemed to pivot in the turns, it was easy to control and handle throughout the window. The Waroo’s jumping performance, with its lofty feeling, is more similar to the Nemesis than the old Waroo, but the kite’s handling is different than the Nemesis. Re-launching the kite was simple and easy due to the delta shape of the wingtips.


  • This 2010 Waroo has increased pop, better low end grunt and much improved water relaunch ability.
  • The kite has noticeably less bar pressure than previous generations of the Waroo, but nothing dramatic. The bar pressure is still light-moderate.


  • The stainless steel rings on the bridle may cause the bridle to be a little more prone to wear than with pulleys.
  • This is a completely new shape for the Waroo, so riders who really liked the previous Waroo may need to spend a little time getting use to a newly designed kite.

Although the 2010 Best Waroo is designed differently than previous versions, don’t second guess its potential. The changes in turning, jumping, bar control and relaunch ability still make the 2010 Waroo the best all-around kite from Best.


  • Keep an eye out for bridle wear caused by the stainless steel rings.
  • In lighter winds the kite flies efficiently when moving, but may need to be a little depowered when standing stationary on the beach to remain stable.
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