The Fuller Mega Pump
By Zach Kleppe

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No more kinked nozzle hoses. No more running back to your car for extra tools or repair materials. And best of all, no more bending over to pump up your kite!

With this pump modification, you will be able to show up to your local riding spot with the ultimate pump package in hand. Dubbed “The Fuller Pump” in honor of Warren Fuller from Delaware, TKB’s featured OG in the December 2008 issue, the finished product measures 24” tall and allows for a bottom storage compartment that easily holds tools, a water bottle and whatever else you feel would be handy to have at the beach.


1. Door threshold 12” x 5”
2. 4” coupler – threaded
3. 4” PVC pipe, 22” long
4. 1.25” PVC pipe, 20” long
5. Shoulder strap
6. ½” wood screws
7. 1 standard kite pump



1. Start by cutting off the feet off of your standard kite pump to ensure that you can slide the pump inside the 4” PVC pipe that is 22” long (material #3). Sand down to smooth out any rough edges.

2. Take the 4” PVC coupler (material #2) and glue it inside the main 4” PVC pipe (material #3). If you think you need to make this a little more secure, you can put in two screws on either side at the bottom through the 4” coupler.

3. Next, grab the threaded part of the coupler and screw it down to the center of your 12” x 5” door threshold (material #1). Depending on what style of coupler you purchased, you may need to trim off the bottom of the piece with a hack saw.

4. Now, attach the 1.25” PVC pipe (material #4) to the side of the pump to store the hose in. This prevents those annoying kinks you get at the connection point to the pump. Pre drill hole two holes at the bottom and middle of the PVC pipe so the screws are going through the storage compartment, not the pump cavity. Make sure the first hole is big enough to fit your screwdriver through.

5. Finally, attach the shoulder strap to the pump. We put a pigtail at the base of ours and also around the neck of the pump shaft that allowed us to clip our shoulder strap to. You imagination is the limit with this step.

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