Snowkite Soldier is proud to announce the launching of the 3rd annual Kite Soldiers snowkite event in the mountains and plains of central Idaho.

As seen in 2009, this years Kite Soldiers event will be the largest snowkite event in North America. The best riders from around the globe will converge on this small Idaho ski town. The world-renowned snowkite location known as the Camas Valley will be the place to be for hundreds of riders, sponsors and spectators. Onlookers will jostle for room to cheer on snowkiters as they attach themselves to giant kites in order to harness the power of the wind. Some will fly hundreds of feet in the air; others will reach speeds in excess of 60+ mph and all riders will use skis or snowboards to kite through a 14-mile course up thousands of feet to nearby mountain peaks. The infamous Poker Run brings snowkiters through a series of five
checkpoints, collecting a poker card at each checkpoint. Those that complete the course and finish with the top poker hands will take home thousands of dollars in prizes at the awards party celebration on Saturday night.


Working closely with the best park designers in the industry, Kite Soldiers is proud to announce the worlds only snowkite backcountry terrain park for the 2nd year running. This park is comprised of six rails, one kinked rail and natural wind blown features that will be sculpted into jumps and giant quarterpipes. A rider judged Rail Jam contest will be located roadside and will draw a huge crowd of both riders and spectators.
This event has grown from portable Boom Boxes and barbecued hotdogs to one of the premiere snowkite events in the world in just 3 years, says Monty Goldman and Trisha Smith, the team behind the event. What started out, as a regional event seeking to promote this progressive sport has become an established event embraced by the entire town of Fairfield and the entire kite community. Please join us February 19th to 21st for Kite Soldiers 2010 where the action never stops.

Media Contact:
Trisha Smith
Director of Operations
Snowkite Soldier LLC