Level: Advanced
Degree of difficulty: Hard

Why is this move called the Slim Chance? Because that’s your chance of pulling it off – slim! The Slim Chance is an inverted front roll with a backside 360. Master this one and you will be the envy of all others.

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1. Come into the trick with moderate speed and power.

2. Position your kite at 45º with your hands in the middle of the bar.

3. Unhook, edge hard, and pop off the water.

4. Once you come off the water, roll your body like you are going into an S-Bend by tucking your shoulder and turning your head. It helps if you have mastered the S-Bend first.

5. As you go into your S-Bend, start to pull the bar to your back hip.


6. When the bar is at your hip, snap your head in the opposite direction to initiate the spin.

7. Pass the bar from your back hand to your front hand.

8. Once you pass the bar, let your body fall as you spot your landing and bend your knees.

9. Land, hook back in, and ride away cleanly.


  • Turning your head is the trick!
  • Pull the bar to your hip hard. The more inverted you get, the easier the handle pass is.