Designer’s Corner: Slingshot Celeritas 2010

Originally Published in the December 2009 Issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine

Designer Profile:

Name: Ben Wilson, Amery Bernard, Tony Logosz, John Doyle and John Omohundro
Age: Some Young some OLD!
Location: Hood River, Australia, California Coast, Oregon Coast
Job Title: Slingshot R&D
Designing: 80 + years combined
Kiteboarding: 60+ years combined

Product name: Moonshine Celeritas 5’8”
Product category: Surf
Sizes available: 5’4 and 5’8”
Release date: October 2009

The Kiteboarder recently tested the Celeritas 5’4” 2009 model and was immediately curious about it due to the board’s unique shape. Overall, the board got an excellent rating from the TKB test team who found it to be “loose and fast, stable at slow speeds and totally smooth at high speeds.” The 2010 Celeritas line up is a direct translation of one of Ben Wilson’s “magic” boards; the original board was a Gorge specific 5’3” made especially for R&D designer Amery Bernard.

Ben was in the shaping room when Slingshot made it and ended up liking it so much he took it home with him. He said it changed his life. He then convinced Slingshot to develop a full line of Celeritas boards. The 5’8” is his daily driver and was the reason for translating a 5’8” Celeritas into production in Avisosurf Carbon Fiber construction in addition to the EPS construction Slingshot offers.

This board’s super deep single concave and low entry rocker gives it insane speed with a curvy rail for drawing whatever kind of lines you can imagine.

As a new design, where does the 5’8” Celieritas Surf fit within Slingshot’s Surf Program?
It fits into our Crossover collection with its features of speed, agility and high performance. It’s an essential quiver builder for Slingshot Global Team rider Ben Wilson. The 5’8” is good for a bigger rider looking for more volume while the 5’4” is ideal for a smaller rider who is focused on speed and agility.

What was the biggest challenge in developing this product?
Making sure the board delivered on all levels of construction and performance and lived up to the Slingshot standard!

If you could choose one standout performance or new construction feature to highlight, what would it be?
The super deep single concave that makes the Celeritas insanely fast! The Moonshine Celeritas excels in all conditions. The faster you ride the more this board can handle.

What are some of the other key product features and performance characteristics?
Its shape, size and performance make this board a great quiver builder board that can be ridden strapped or strapless. The ultimate combination of tri-fin, concave and shape make the Celeritas super fast driving and agile.

What style/level of rider will most enjoy this product and in what conditions?
Bigger riders (175 lb. plus) to intermediate riders who are riding their first directional for flat water, advanced riders to pro in waves.

What is your warranty policy on this product?
Please defer to


What do you think differentiates this product from what else is available in the marketplace?
From its unique shape to its construction to its performance, this board handles a huge range of conditions from chop Gorge swells to 2 to10 foot surf. It loves it all! We have an extensive surf line up for 2010. Check out what’s right for you at

TESTED: Will Brady/Floras Lake Windsurfing & Kiteboarding
The 5’8” Celeritas is an older more mature cousin of the 5’4”. It has a more confident feel in larger, choppier surf and is much more stable and easier on the knees than the 5’4”. The 2010 5’8” tracks through choppy water like a polyester wave board and has a good, solid, clean carving feel without the nervousness of a small board.

For me, at 215 lbs, it offers plenty of floatation for those light wind big kite days and when the wind picks up and I’m on a 7m… Magic!

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