Today kicks off the first day of the demo and comps for the annual La Ventana Classic and Kite/SUP Expo.  As vendors set up yesterday in preparation for today, the wind kicked in and those at Expo beach (in front of Baja Joe’s and Ventana Windsports) got a sneak peak of demo gear including Slingshot’s new Scud, a  skim-style board for those looking for fun options and variation in light wind conditions or behind the boat.  Slingshot pro rider Laura Maher got her first test run on the new board and looked like she was having a blast dialing in the newest addition to her quiver. Come test the new Scud in La Ventana! If you can’t make it, The Kiteboarder is also supporting two other demo events this year: The annual Pismo Beach KiteXpo in Pismo Beach, CA, March 19-21, and in the works, the Texas KiteXpo in Corpus Christi, TX, April 21-25, which  is part of the Texas International Boat Show and the Kite Race Worlds with a $25K purse. Be sure to check The Kiteboarder Magazine or for updates.