TKB wishes Ruben all the best and a speedy recovery!




Howzit everyone?! I thought I would just pop in and drop you guys a message with what’s been cracking over here in South Africa. First of all I want to wish all of you a really great, exciting, healthy and energetic 2010. Let’s make the most of it… ☺

I went for surgery on my left ankle on the 29th of December and have been on the couch with my leg up for the past week…In the hospital everything went smooth, I tried to enjoy those narcotics for as long as possible while on the surgery table…But of course I passed out within 10seconds…Gheghe! When I woke up they wanted to keep me in the hospital for observation and to make sure I kept my leg up. But I was like, F that I’m outta here…So the doc said, ok cool you can go home. I took the painkill infuser out and that was pretty funny, cause I didn’t expect for it to be such a long thing that they put down my vain. I was like holy moly and kept pulling, when it was finally out it started bleeding a bit. I struggled to put my clothes back on, but it worked out.

Then Aaron came get me from the hospital and drove me home. I was fine and kept my leg up, played some playstation and just chilled. The next day tho, when all the pain killers stopped working my ankle was hurting sooo much, I was freaking out and dropped two pain killers. But it didn’t seem to help… For the coming 3 days I was in quite a bit of pain and couldn’t go anywhere.

On New Years Eve I was sleeping at 00.30, so that was pretty boring. Haha, no it’s good…I want to recover as quickly and strong as possible, so no drinking for a while now.


Today I rented a car again, with a brace around my ankle I can just push down the clutch. So I can cruise around and do my shit. I’ll visit the physio tomorrow and take it from there. I can go to the gym again, so I can squeeze out some energy.

Arrite take care, and ride hard if you can ride. Pull some shit for me please!! 😀 It’s harsh seeing everyone kite and feel the wind blow 35kts. But this will motivate me to go big when I feel better. Give me 6weeks…

Peace! Ruben

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