TKB Podcast with Tony Logosz from Slingshot Kiteboarding


The Kiteboarder Podcast this week:  Fastrack — The Next One Pump?

Remember when one pump was first introduced by Slingshot? Now an industry standard, there was a time when it was met with skepticism and considered a gimmick by many. Six or seven years later, any manufacturer that doesn’t offer LEI kites without a type of single inflation system is now largely considered behind the times.

Slingshot believes their latest innovation, Fastrack, which is a new footpad and strap system, will be the next one-pump. Joining us on this week’s The Kiteboarder Podcast is  co-founder and designer Tony Logosz to tell us about Fastrack, its development and advantages, and Slingshot’s plans for the new system on their 2010 line up of boards.

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