Best 2010 Nemesis NXG Analyze This Kite Review

Originally Published in the December 2009 Issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine

Tested: 9m
Type of kite: Hybrid C-kite
Sizes available: 8, 9, 10, and 12m


From the Manufacturer
The all new Nemesis NXG sets the bar for performance riding, providing the perfect balance between C-kite responsiveness and SLE performance. Demanding riders will find it the unbeatable choice for big-air and high powered freestyle riding styles. Combining Twister Tech with a radical new wingtip layout and C-kite plan-shape delivers faster, more powerful turn initiation with reduced bar pressure, maximizing handling responsiveness in any wind conditions. Our Cuben Equipped LE construction reduces drag and improves LE stiffness allowing you to ride the Nemesis NXG harder and faster upwind so you can spend more time in the competition zone. A deeper, more powerful central canopy profile delivers incredible low wind ability while the VP3 bridle completely eliminates backstall, even when riding unhooked, ensuring that the NXG remains ultra stable across its entire wind range. Add in Canopy Framing, a 3D Kevlar airframe and Best’s legendary Surf Tough construction and you have the number one kite choice for all performance focused riders, in any wind, on any wave.


Best sent us a 9m Nemesis NXG and the 24+ mph wind was perfect to test it in. The Best NXG is their third generation of kites designed with Cuben Fiber integrated into the construction. If you are not familiar with Cuben Fiber, it is often used in high-end sailboat racing sails. The material is stiff and for Best, allowed for a smaller diameter and a more rigid leading edge. Upon taking the NXG out of the bag, the first thing we noticed was the increased production quality. Best significantly improved the most common wear points from last year’s line by beefing them up with reinforcements. After inflating the kite, it was interesting how the Cuben Fiber was integrated into the LE and the battens in the TE.

The NXG ships with the Best bar with full carbon construction and a 3D molded grip. The Best control bar also has an EVA Bar End bumper included to help protect your hands. The fly lines are also 700 lb. rated to minimize breakage. When hooking up the kite, we encountered the new VP3 bridle which was designed to improve stability and depower. In laymen’s terms, Best added another pulley: three all together. The first time we hooked up the kite we decided to ride the AA settings, because they were stock out of the bag. Once on the water, you could really feel the power of the NXG. The low end was grunty and upwind ability was excellent. We thought the pulleys would make the bar pressure too light, but surprisingly there was slightly more bar pressure than the Waroo, which is known for its light feel. We actually liked the bar pressure better on the NXG as the input had a more direct feeling.

The turning was extremely smooth and felt more like a C-kite than a traditional SLE style. Jumping the NXG was awesome — you might want to pack a lunch for the trip as the kite has some serious boost and hang time. The NXG depowered with no problem and relaunched effortlessly. The second session we switched to the AB settings and noticed it increased the bar pressure and changed the turning to be a little slower. The distinct characteristics that stood out to all of us was the power stroke and grunt. If you felt like you needed some power, you could dive the kite and it would be there. Overall, the Nemesis NXG is a great package for the kiter who wants a high performance kite design that boosts with multiple tuning options for bar pressure and turning speed.

Anyone planning to buy this kite should spend at least a month playing around with the tuning and different settings. Yes, it does work out of the bag just fine, but the NXG is the dream kite for those who like to tinker. People who prefer a more simple kite might not care about so many options. If you are beginner getting into the sport, you may want to stick with the Waroo for its simplicity. Freestylers will love the boost and fast turning of the new NXG and wave riders will like its stability and grunt.

  • Inflation System: “EZ Pump” trademark easy and durable Above Average
  • Control bar: 3D Molded grip with EVA bar ends Excellent
  • Control bar accessories: New push away eject QR/above bar depower strap Excellent
  • Safety system: Below the bar leash connection point along with two other connection points Excellent
  • Bridle: Simple, easy to replace if needed and short Excellent
  • Stability: Super solid in steady and gusty conditions Excellent
  • Power: Plenty of low end with power to spare Excellent
  • Turning: Effortless with the Twister Tech LE Excellent
  • Pop: Impressed the test team Excellent
  • Bar pressure: Light to heavy, adjustments on wingtips Light-heavy
  • Depower: Above the bar depower strap Excellent
  • Relaunch: Simple and easy Excellent
  • Durability: One of a kind Excellent
  • Kitebag: The Limo of kite bags Excellent
  • Pump: Durable with metal shaft, pump leash, psi gauge Excellent


  • The kite likes to be ridged so be sure to inflate the kite with plenty of pressure.
  • Be sure to keep the center line swivel clean of sand and debris.

CONSUMER FEEDBACK: Kitebad, NSW/Australia:
Here is some feedback from Sydney south side today wind NE 17 -20 knots. This is one sweet kite. For a 10m it’s got balls and more grunt (bottom end) than last year. Initial turning is quick but on AB setting, I found myself having to be aggressive with the bar to get the response from the kite that I’m used. Airtime is what I kite/live for — the NXG is sick! Really easy to stick tricks with this one and kiteloops have more power through the loop and awesome whip at the end. The NXG felt smoother in power delivery, giving me more confidence to attack my moves and to break new ground, and is one step closer to a one kite solution.