For this Podcast from The Kiteboarder Magazine, Dimitri Maramenides called in to tell us all about his new kiteboarding company, Epic Kites. From the Epic Kites Website:

The word EPIC comes from the Greek EPOS. Epos is a story-myth that includes heroes and brave actions. A new chapter is now opening in my life called EPIC KITES that I will model after this Greek foundation of stories. This company will be a part of me that will show my passion and drive for this sport. Along with Momi as the kite designer and my friends Jeroen and Steven we have created a new line of kites and products to be designed around you, the rider. We’ll continue to work on new products going forward with the help of our EPIC team.


My goal with EPIC KITES is to produce for you the ultimate experience in kiting from the time you purchase to whenever you need help with a product or just have a question. I will put into this company the amount of energy that I put into my own riding, constantly pushing the limits of what is possible and showing that it can be done. It’s going to be EPIC.

As some of you may know, Dimitri caused quite a stir in the kiteboarding world when he left a previous company to found Epic Kites. Listen to the podcast by clicking play at the top of this post or subscribe to the TKB Podcast in iTunes here.


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