Dimi_epicLaunch_11.23.09A style all of his own, Dimitri Maramenides has been on the kiteboarding scene since the beginning of the sport. After 11 years in kiteboarding, Dimitri has launched his own company, Epic Kites. This week, Dimitri joins host Ryan Riccitelli of The Kiteboarder Magazine to talk about what made him take the leap, his challenges, and  what we can expect from his new company. Listen to the podcast at http://asnewswire.com/podcasts/dimitri_11_09.mp3

Test Epic’s new kite line at the La Ventana Classic and Kite/SUP Demo in Baja Mexico from January 21-24, 2010. Day trips and clinics January 17-20. See http://www.palapasventana.com/lvclassic.aspx for complete info and updates.

Check out more on Epic Kites and Dimitri’s blog at www.epickites.com

Have you seen The Kiteboarder’s new website? Check it out at www.thekiteboarder.com