Tested: 5’4″ x 18 7/8″  Available Sizes: Same as Tested  Fins: Three


We were very curious about this board due to its unique shape and got a chance to test it strapless in 12 to 16 knot winds with a 14m kite in small, sloppy surf.  When you pick it up you will be shocked at how light it is.  The shape is very different; short and fat with a wide, rounded squash tail.

The bottom has a fairly deep concave with the center point of the board (the hips) well behind center.  The rails are thin and completement the flat rocker nicely.  The Celeritas is stable as slow speeds and totally smooth at high speeds.  This board has a very stable platform and was easy to jibe.  You can snap tight turns and throw buckets on your bros or broettes.  We would recomment this board to someone who is looking for riding in small mushy surf up to head high or blasting around in open water conditions.  Slingshot claims that Ben paddles this board!

Durability:  Durable finish

Weight:  Tested without straps

Turning:  Smooth and tight

Upwind Ability:  Fast bottom and rail line

Straps & Pads:  Didn’t come with any straps

Fins:  3 fiberglass by SS

Overall Ride:  Loose and fast, for intermediate to advanced riders


  • Push hard on the stomp pad to go faster
  • Ride it flatter than you would think; use the bottom and fins to your advantage

Slingshot Celeritas


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