TESTED: 6’2”x18 3/4”x 2 1/4” AVAILABLE SIZES: 5’10”, 6’0” and 6’2” Fins: Quad (FCS M7’s with GX centers)


Quads have made a comeback in the surf world for good reason. They’re fun and provide a skatier feel than a normal thruster set up. For 2009, Rawson really dialed in the 6’2” LF Quad. Most of us ride directionals from 5’5” to 6” so the 6’2” was a bit bigger than we are used to. Conditions were dismal three foot surf with winds averaging 16-20 mph. To get a true feeling for this board’s feel and performance characterstics, we surfed it before we kited it. The LF Quad truly behaves like a real directional.

When kiting with the board, it was fast and responsive without loss of speed though the turns and none of that stalling feeling when hitting the lip. With plenty of speed generated by the board itself when going down the face of the wave, it make it easy to crack the lip, go for that tail slide or toss that big fan of spray and not worry about getting speed from the kite. The combination of the M7’s with the GX makes this board get up and go and allowed for it to track upwind very easily. The 18 3/4” width and 2 1/4” thickness of this board gives you the float you need without it feeling too floaty in the water — there’s nothing worse than feeling you’re sitting too high in the water like a cork. The EPS construction was solid without making the board too stiff, and the rails and rocker complimented each other nicely. The graphics on this board give it a nice pop without looking like you got the board from the mall. The 6’2” LF Rawson quad is a great board for both the casual kiter that just wants stay upwind on those light wind days and for the guy that is looking for a performance quad to destroy some waves and take it to the next level.


Durability: EPS Solid construction Excellent
Weight: Moderate weight with pads and straps Average
Turning: Smooth and loose Excellent
Upwind Ability: Quad fins help it track upwind with little effort Excellent
Straps and Pads: Easy on the feet, super simple to
mount and are really comfy Excellent
Fins: Great setup, gives the board speed and looseness Excellent


  • Always have an extra set of replacement fins and a fin key with you so you have a backup.
  • Most surfboards are equipped with removable fins. Try a different set of fins to fine tune the board for the right
    conditions. They really do make a difference.
  • It’s not a good idea to keep those EPS surfboards in the car. On hot sunny days, keep them in a cool place away from the sun to help prevent the board from yellowing.

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