TESTED: 6’0” AVAILABLE SIZES: 6’0” Fins: FCS Bonzers with M7’s centers


At first glance, you see all those fins and wonder how it’s going to ride, but don’t be fooled. It tracks like a quad, but has the looseness of a twin. With a clean outline and just the right amount of rocker and V, the board glides down the wave without having to work it to get speed. Although the waves it was tested on weren’t epic (3-4 foot in 15-25 mph conditions), the board handled like a race car with quick sharp turns without loosing speed, not stalling when hitting the lip and never felt like it was to loose or out of control.

For a board with six fins, you would think it would track down the wave and really stick to the water, but again, that’s not the case. We tested the 6’er with and without footstraps and although the majority of us normally ride without, LF’s super comfy footpads/straps made it a joy to be strapped in. Super upwind ability without having to work at it made the usual rotation in the line up a breeze. Sturdy EPS construction with the FCS Fusion System makes this board ride like a true surfboard without having to sacrifice strength, weight or flex. This board is all about performance and can be used for paddling surfing on no wind days. Although we say this board is all about performance, it is also suitable for all levels or riders looking for a directional. From flat water riding to solid overhead waves, this board will be one you’ll want to keep handy in all types of conditions.

Durability: EPS Solid construction Excellent
Weight: Moderate weight with pads and straps Average
Turning: Crazy responsiveness Excellent
Upwind Ability: Tracks like a champ upwind Excellent
Straps and Pads: Easy to mount and are super comfy E xcellent
Fins: Excellent combination of fins Excellent
Overall ride: One of the funnest boards we have ridden this year Excellent


  • If a fin hex screw is full of sand and junk and the key won’t fit, use a straightened out paper clip to get all the sand and junk out.
  • Having problems with your front foot slipping on the front pad while kiting strapless? Try adding a light coat of wax to
    prevent slipping.
  • WD40, mineral oil or Goo Gone all work great in removing tar from your feet and board. Just remember to spray a bit of Windex or soapy cleaner afterwards to remove the oily film it leaves behind

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