Best Kahoona Analyze This Kite Review


TESTED: 11.5m
SIZES: 7.5, 9.5, 11.5 & 13.5m

The new Kahoona is the perfect choice for every rider looking for a super stable, easy-to-rig, easy- to-fly kite. A reduced aspect-ratio and swept leading edge make the Kahoona Best’s quickest relaunching kite: it is the perfect kite choice for beginners and intermediate riders looking to maximize their progress every session. A new Redline Safety System delivers instant safety-depower whenever you push the QR or drop the bar. With short bridles and only four flying lines there is nothing to wrap around the kite should you roll it while relaunching. The Redline Safety System allows you to forget about the kite and concentrate on your riding.


Upon setting up the Kahoona our first attraction to its design was its lower strut count (4) and lower aspect ratio shape. The inflation system of the kite requires traditional individual pumping of the struts and leading edge. The Kahoona is designed with a little bigger paneling throughout the canopy, unlike some of the more high performance kites Best has come out with. The leading and trailing edges are reinforced with extra material from each wingtip to the center of the kite.

The control bar is designed with new islander graphics that are color coded on the grip while below the bar Best has incorporated their new Big-Black molded chicken loop quick release. Along with the new quick release the control system comes with a below the bar leash connection point and a removable donkey dick. The control system still incorporates the two outside line safety leash connection points for emergencies and self landings. The Depower strap is still located at the top of the chicken loop line with their traditional stopper that’s adjustable on the fly. Unlike before, the bridle system is color coded with either all blue or all red, indicating the right lines from the left lines.

The stability of the kite is consistent and predictable with its lower aspect ratio. We didn’t notice if the lack of a center strut helping the stability of the kite but that feature did stand out on the Kahoona. The transition of power between the chicken loop and the bar is quick so be ready to lose power quickly if you push the bar out fast. With solid low end grunt, riders will feel moderate bar pressure when riding powered up. This gives the kite a real direct feel and overall good sense of control when jumping. Those in lighter wind areas will appreciate the power this kite creates on those marginal days. The Kahoona is a great kite for any rider looking to jump big – this kite definitely gave us some of the biggest jumps of the day. The kite holds consistent power all the way through the jumps and with its lower aspect ratio, it’s able to drift downwind without falling out of the sky when landing fast downwind. The bridle is compact and Best eliminated two pulleys from it, replacing them with rings that slide along the bridle to eliminate any wear and tear on the lines. The leading edge is swept back from the center of the kite to the wingtips eliminating any flat spots in the center of the leading edge. This makes water relaunching much more effective as the kite naturally wants to roll to one side of the wind or the other.

The Kahoona was designed to be easy to rig up and go with no second guessing and the kite delivers exactly that. This kite is aimed for riders looking for a good basic kite that performs well in all conditions and is targeted more at beginner to intermediate level kiters.


* For a better upwind tack, keep the kite a little depowered.
* By keeping the kite powered up when jumping, you will get better hang time.

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