New color metal shaft pumps and funky graphics on bags indicate this year’s kites is going to be different. New BAR design with CPR system (Centerline Push Release) 3D modeling swivel, thinner depower rope, bigger floaters, protected secure leash (donkeys dik), replaceable cleat, extra comfortable grip, extended center safety line, reinforced pigtails, Liquid Force continues to work to perfection.

Liquid Force has finally unleashed the long awaited Delta Hybrid SLE Design kite – the ENVY. With only 3 struts, the 4 lines the 100% full-depower kite give you a feeling of going like a bullet.

Very precise bar control, light bar pressure, plenty of lift, easy as to ride upwind, and as in all LF kites in the last 2-3 years: absolute top quality. It is a kite that one will go ‘WOW’ once tried. Will suit wave riding or flat water, from beginners to top. Funky graphics, you got to try it to believe that such a nice kite exists! With such a huge range I think this kite will be very popular this year for kids and girls too.

The last kite in this review the ‘LAUNCH’ is by no means the least important in the 2010 range. In fact this may change the scenes at many beaches.

Specifically designed for schools, this kite is simple but yet carries years of research and development Liquid Force has invested into kiteboarding. Very forgiving and easy to use, it will help people up on the board in no time. This kite is only available to schools.

In line with the kites, we will see another 7 new boards introduced in 2010, making a total of 13 kiteboards, 5 surf boards and 2 skate boards in the LF range. The top line Recoils remain, so does the Concept, Influence, Diva, Aura and the Proof. 5 Rawson Surfboards in range and in addition we see an ultimate light wind board, specific kite skate and a twin skim. New concepts are used in board productions this year which we are not allowed to announce yet. I can only say it’s going to be another unreal year for Liquid Force.

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SOURCE: KiteSurfArea.com