At the beginning of 2009, The International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) was formed with the blessing of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). The new organization’s  mission is to be  the world wide governing body for professional international kiteboarding events with the mission of standardizing judging and administering one united ranking system. The organization came under a lot of heat on forums worldwide over the past few months, largely due to their back and forth negotiations with the organizers of the PKRA tour. Now that both the PKRA and KPWT are on board, Markus Schwendtner of the IKA will be joining host Ryan Riccitelli on this week’s The Kiteboarder Magazine and ASNews.net podcast to talk about what the new agreement means, what the IKA has in store and its progress in trying to get kiteboarding into the Olympics.

Got a question for Markus? Post your questions here by midnight PST Wednesday June 10, and we’ll ask them for you. We’ll then upload the interview before Monday June 15. Check the thread on www.kiteforum.com, www.thekiteboarder.com or www.asnews.net to download, or simply register for the podcast at Itunes.

Note: The Ruben Lenten videocast on his new Slingshot 2010 gear avaialble starting this July will be uploaded by Friday. We are editing footage and will blog on the news threads like normal when it is ready!