At the forefront of today’s technology, The Kiteboarder breaks ground once again with live videocast interviews with industry designers, leaders and personalities. Most recently, live videocasts were held with:

1) Ruben Lenten on Triple S and 2010 new gear from Slingshot and Mystic

2) Ben Wilson on surf camps, new DVD Coming Together and Slingshot 2010 Surf Program.

3) Aviso Surfboards founder John Omohundro and Slingshot co-founder/designer Tony Logosz talk about their new agreement, the differences between carbon and regular surfboards, what makes a good kiteboarding directional and the 7 new shapes coming down the line this July.

Live videocast interviews times and dates are posted on your local forum along with our regular podcast schedule. If you can’t make the live interviews, they are edited within 48 hours and posted online to,, and Itunes. An audio version only will also be posted for those that prefer this format.


-Cabrinha on the new 2010 Crossbow and Nomad kites, releasing in July.

-John Gomes, Nils Stolzlechner and Chip Wasson on the upcoming Kite Course Racing World Championship in San Francisco this August, where race board development is heading and how fins are making a huge difference this year.

-Pat Rawson and Matt Biolos from Lost in the shaping room: What goes into board construction and design and why, how different design elements affect performance, and the differences between shaping boards for regular paddle surfing and kitesurfing.

Got a suggestion for a videocast? Contact marina @ the with your suggestions!