Podcast #148:

Punta San Carlos has been a world class sailing destination since the first wave pioneers first discovered it in the early eighties. The area’s unique side-off wind conditions make San Carlos ideal for classic down the line riding. Maybe it’s the offshore wind component, desolateness or primitive lodging facilities but despite the growth in kiteboarding, windsurfers still majorly dominate this wave spot in Northern Baja.

Founder Kevin Trejo of Solo Sports owns the only facility at Punta San Carlos, not to be confused with San Carlos in Sonora Mexico. He is our guest on this week’s The Kiteboarder Magazine and ASNews.net podcast and is joining host Ryan Riccitelli to talk about his new agreement with Vela, the allure and drawbacks of a holiday in Punta San Carlos and the exploding growth of SUP and mountain biking in the area.

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Show #148

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