The FLYBOARDS have already created quite a stir online and celebrated their world premier in January at the BOOT water sports exposition in Düsseldorf. The feedback is stunning. Shipment will begin very soon. As usual, the demand in the first two months is so high, that we may not be able to supply your request immediately. Only those who order now at thier local dealer can be sure to have the boards ready for the season startup!

For 2009 we are also offering you a mature, evolved and complete board-line under the label: „FLYBOARDS by FLYSURFER“ high-quality Kiteboards with brand-new features for even more comfort. Our Shaper Eddy Lansink has been up to his old tricks again, and managed to reduce the weight and pump up the riding performance.

The morst important Features, which harmonize to ensure you sensational riding performance, are:

– Asymmetrical shape
– Harmonic concave
– Enormous weight reduction
– 3D-Flex Control

Two board lines are available, leaving nothing to be desired.

You’ll be optimally equipped for any conditions with a choice of 3 different sizes (S, M & L) and a Two-Board-Strategy.

The FLYRADICAL is the answer for the ambitious freestyler in middle to strong winds.

The FLYDOOR is best recommended for use in gusty locations and in light winds.

In comparison to last year’s line, the entire range of 2009 FLYBOARDS offer the rider a noticeably better riding feel. (carving, controllability, range of use) The FLYBOARDS are completely newly developed and offer an extraordinary feel, through their lighter weight, the 3D flex control and the big weight loss in combination with the new Pads/Strap system the package is rounded-off creating the ultimate BOARD!

The features at a glance:

– Concave Grip – (concave board bottom for even more performance and controlability)
– Scratchproof Topsheets – Scratch& UV-resistant design-finish
– Calculated 3D-Flex – Computer-assisted analysis of flex behaviour in synergy with extensive real-life testing
– Asymmetrical shape – Asymmetric outline and shape for more comfort in all situations
– Flextip Chop Control – Further-developed flex-zones on the tips for wide range of use
– Wide Stance – Wider insert positions for even easier landings
– Wood Core – Full wood-core for defined flex performance and constant bend (FLYRADICAL)
– Wood-Foam-Core – Combination core for maximum weight savings on all FLYDOORS, without compromising durability. The bottom line is, you save almost a kilo with the FLYDOOR L!

Even with all these new features, it was still possible to sink the retail price for all boards to 599,- €. You won’t find more board for your money!

Delivery will start next week!
Check out all the facts in the coming days under

Flyradical 2009:
* 128×38
* 134×39.5
* 139×43


Flydoor 2009:
* 140×41
* 155×42.5
* 165×46