To see photos of this years event Click Here! All Photos were taken by Dallas McMahon

LV CLASSIC CROSSING WINNERS – top 20 men and 8 women qualified for course racing finals.

Means Division (kite unless noted)
1.Macrae Wylde– Windsurfer 25:10
2.Lyn Preuit – Windsurfer 25:29
3.Mark Dix – Windsurfer 25:43
4.Sean Farley 25:45
5.Shawn Richman 25:47
6.Jim Bison 25:51
7.Etienne Lhote
8.Jessie Richman
9.Brendon Richards
10.Jeff Burton .
11.Frank Wittke
12.Bryan Metcalf – Perez – Windsurfer
13.Peter Schiebel
14.Alex Spear – Windsurfer
15.Mark Bavis
16.Mark Bosta
17.Eric Reimer
18.Patrick Rebstock
19.Mo Hart
20.Paul Schiebel

Women’s Division (kite unless noted)
1.Marie Leclerc 28:35
2.Cynthia Brown 30:29
3.Paula Sonnenburg 31:21
4. Britney Todd
5. Shannon Gormley
6. Ella Johnson
7. Christine Rogers – windsurfer
8. Laura Maher

1. Norm Beddows
2. Luc Gauthier
3. Peter Talmage

video presentation from Awards Ceremony

video of Dimitri in action

video of Etienne Lhote’s freestyle clinic/trips