Darren Hargreaves kite surfing on Morecambe Bay.

MORECAMBE could be an ideal venue for a national kite surfing festival, according to local members of the British Kite Surfing Association.
The waters off The Battery in Morecambe often provide the perfect conditions for kite surfing and when improved facilities such as showers and changing areas are provided, it is hoped large numbers of kite surfers and windsurfers from across the UK will be attracted to the area.

Kite surfers from the North East of England are already regular visitors to Morecambe, although they would like better facilities.

Hargreaves of the Morecambe Bay Kite Surfers, who has been kite surfing on Morecambe Bay since 2000, says he and his fellow surfers would like to see more young people getting into the sport on a local level.

“It’s got everything you need for a great place to kite surf,” said Darren.

Darren says the sport only took off in 1999, but it is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the young.

“A lot more people are getting into it now,” said Darren. “I used to live in the West End. With the regeneration that is taking place it would be ideal if kids could get into it. A lot more people are coming to this area to do it. The British Kite Surfing Association would probably like to run an event here, but it would need to get permission from the council.”

John Deacon, community engagement project director at Lancaster City Council, said: “The kite surfing creates a really nice image for the town. We have used the kite surfers in the opening sequence of our DVD.

“They need a shower to wash off their kites and boards and we will try to accommodate them.”

Further meetings are to be held to discuss improving the facilities and getting kids into the sport.