Rider: Marti Vari | Location: Indonesia | Photographer Stef Fournet

The latest print edition (Oct08) of The Kiteboarder Magazine is now available at your local shop/school or by subscription.

LAUNCH: Save the World with your kite!

411/SMACK: Get the latest news going down in the industry and kiteboarding world

BORN AND BRED IN THE USA: Get a behind the scenes look at Slingshot and what makes the company tick.

BACKWOODS features travel spotlights on GRAND CAYMAN and NASSAU, Bahamas.


EXPOSED: The best riding, lifestyle and wish-you-were-here images from around the world.

ANALYZE THIS: the TKB test team’s take on Cabrinha’s Sync Backless Bindings; LF new 09 Comp Strap; Best 09 Nemi HP; Slingshot 09 Rev2; Cabrinha CB IDS; Cabrinha SB IDS, Flexifoil ’08 Atom; LF 09 Havoc Gen 3; LF 09 Proof 141 and SS 09 Lunacy in the bigger sizes.

DESIGNER’S CORNER 09 PREVIEW GUIDE: Get the scoop on all the 09 kite releases, classified by type, what level they’re aimed for, and when they’re coming out! Plus, get an inside look at what’s new and what’s changed on 09 gear, directly from the designers!

INSTRUCTIONAL this issue focuses on how to handle four of the most common kitemares.

WORKBENCH focuses on your most important piece of gear, your control bar, and what you need to do to keep it in top shape.