Southern California Kiteboarding Association (SCKA) Safety & Skills Clinic

Date: September 27, 2008 (Saturday)

Location: Belmont Shores Long Beach, California (by the La Vern Parking Lot)

Cost: Free.

What: Members of SCKA and local instructors will donate their time and knowledge to make kiting safer for everyone.

Requirement: This is not for teaching beginners how to kite. You must have taken at least a water lesson and know how to rig your own equipment, can comfortably fly your kite. For the on water skills clinics, you must be able to ride in both directions and have excellent kite control.

1:00-1:30 Sign up.
Clinic participants please rig up your kites and have your gear ready.

1:00-3:30 Sign up for SCKA membership, pick up handouts for beach rules and guidelines. Also provide comment on the proposed Belmont Kite Zone Sign.

2:00-5:00 Clinics are 45 minutes each offered 4 times starting (2:00, 2:45, 3:30 & 4:15). You can rotate through the various clinics.

Clinic A, Kiting skills on the water (wind permitting):
You must be able to ride in both directions and have excellent kite control skills to be in this clinic. We will break into smaller groups and work on 2-3 of the following skills (determined by participant’s request). Body dragging upwind, proper stance, board edging, going up wind, transition, load & pop and jumping. Have all your kite rigged and be suited up to go in the water to practice.

Clinic B, Land simulation of water self rescue:
Learn how to depower your downed kite, wrap up your lines and work your way to your kite and use it to pull you back to shore.

Clinic C, Wind/water/kite selection considerations and kiting rules and guidelines:
Learn about the typical weather conditions in So Cal and what to watch out for. Also learn about wind strength, kite size, wind directions, and when you should not go out. Will go over the kiting rules and how to kite in crowded places.

Clinic D, Gear inspection and safety system deployment:
Learn how to inspect and maintain your equipment to prevent problems. Learn what to do in case of equipment failure. Learn how the safety system works on your kite & bar and how to activate them. Practice letting go of the bar and activating your safety. Also test your quick releases under load to make sure they work. Layout your bar/lines and have your harness ready for this clinic.

see for complete details!