Greg Circa mid 80’s


Greg “G-dog” Drexler started kiteboarding in ‘the early days.’ He was one of those riders who was constantly tweaking and customizing his gear to keep up with the growth of the sport.  It was a natural progression for him to take his handmade control bars, safety system designs and exploration into all kind of board shapes and construction techniques from his garage at home to Naish headquarters in Maui. Greg has now been at Naish for six years as their Kiteboard Product Manager.

For 2009, Naish has completely revamped their entire twin tip and surf board line with a variety of new construction techniques, technologies and finishes. Coming back are the next generation Thorn, Sol and Haze twin tip boards, along with a new full carbon board and two new boards for heavier riders/lighter winds.  In surf, the Custom board range all also feature new shapes and construction.

With 28 new boards coming down the line, now is your best chance to get your questions answered directly from the Designer! What changed and what didn’t? What board is best for you and your riding level or local conditions?

Post your questions here and we will make sure Greg answers them in this week’s pre-recorded interview this Friday.  Deadline to post questions is 5p PST, Thursday Aug 21. You can then download the podcast anytime over the weekend and listen to the show at your convenience at www.kiteforum.tv, www.thekiteboarder.com, and www.asnews.net. You can also subscribe to the feed at Itunes and get notified of podcast shows, videos and PDF versions of the magazine as soon as they’re posted online!

Greg today!



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